Plague Update: POStmedia Shows Its Soul

How ghoulish is our national post anyway? That’s kind of rhetorical, because we all know now they’d rather see bodies piled high in the streets like in Ecuador, than risk giving a poor person a hand-up during the worst global economic and health crisis of perhaps a over half a century.

People will be dying by the scores in the second wave we all don’t want to accept is coming, regardless of what we all are likely to do.

Moe still plans to force some frivolous things open in early May while our R-naught has dipped below 1. It’ll jump back over 1 most likely in a few days or weeks, meaning that each infected person will on average spread the virus to more than 1 other person.

2 responses to “Plague Update: POStmedia Shows Its Soul

  1. The Super Major Slacker at the National Post, and the most pompous asshole of the lot and in Canada as a whole, is the convicted criminal Conrad Black. Trump pardoned him – that says a lot, it means he was guilty as sin. harper let him come back to Canada and seat his giant fat posterior on our soil once again after he had rejected his citizenship when Chretien wouldn’t allow him to take a British title. Now he lectures us from on high as to our awful foibles as mere slobs and serfs.

    Ivison is apparently blind and deaf, and not for the first time. Spouting off the old welfare slacker throwaway line is no doubt as ordered by Post owner management, who I believe are American and who benefit from Federal handouts just to stay open, or this rag would have closed years ago. That’s true corporate slackerism. The kettle is as black as it can get.

    Did my barber ask to have his business closed? Did the baristas at my local coffee bean roaster and shop? No, they were forced to. Why should I or any thinking Canadian begrudge them some baseline living to at least eat while we’re forced to self-isolate?

    Of course, I forgot. I’ve never met a “thinking” Conservative. They don’t exist.

  2. .. whew ! Bill really nailed it.. rock solid
    I saw yer post early morn.. and gradually thought.. ‘must open this post on a bigger screen.. so’s I can read it as he wrote it..

    so.. will go read the post again.. and wonder..
    As I recall too.. you had banged in hotlinks..
    and at the time knew many of them
    and others were new to me..

    Your Sask efforts.. are crucial..
    Keep rockin it eh !

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