Is Oil Profitable? Negative.

Effing petroleum-heads and their cockamamie get-rich schemes have left us holding the bag.

We’ve got former Premier, and current Premier a-holes making total asses of themselves to defend their long held positions of stupidity and ecocide.

Look at this guy saying to put more gas on the fire in an effort to get the inferno under control.
Some rats know when to keep their mouths shut.
Look at Mr. Former Premier with his hand still out for more.

The best way to make money in oil now? Do like I’ve been saying for years, and Leave It In The Ground!

2 responses to “Is Oil Profitable? Negative.

  1. if anyone deserves to wear this it is kenney and his congregation
    raising the fossil fuel industry
    is resisting the future
    he and his ilk are a block to the future
    and an embarrassment to canada…..from an albertan

  2. How many times did Mark Carney warn us that coal and bitumen were destined to become stranded assets? Did Mr. Trudeau heed those warnings when he paid out billions of treasury dollars for the Trans Mountain pipeline. Did Kenney pay them any mind when he got Alberta on the hook for 6.5 billion plus to keep KXL on life support? So, here we find ourselves with the world awash in more cheap, conventional oil – the high value stuff – that we can possibly burn if we’re not to consign future generations to cinders, stuck with tens of thousands of orphan wells and the north third of a province that sits like the world’s largest Love Canal and Justin’s “173 billion barrels of oil that no one would just leave in the ground.” Really? What a clusterf**k.

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