Plague Update: Saskatchewan Prepares To Increase Infections

It’s no surprise to most reading this that I have a low opinion of Saskatchewan’s Premier. He’s an unlovable oaf. He’s never been elected by the general electorate to be Premier, and his party takes corrupt corporate donations. Yet he gets lots of media support from Rawlco and other big media here, so he enjoys a bizarrely high approval rating.

This oaf, this Luddite, wants to start opening Saskatchewan back up while people around the world are dying in record numbers, so that people can go play golf. Yes, you read that right, golfing is one of the first public activities being allowed. Soon you can go hit the links with your buddies, and instead of dying on the fairway of a heart attack or lightning strike, you can die two weeks later in hospital from the plague, after giving it to your family.

Our doctors and scientists are fighting a battle around the world, to conquer COVID-19 before it mutates and remains a perpetual threat like polio and Smallpox once were. To give us our best chance, we need to all limit the spread as much as humanly possible for 1 year. It should be no surprise that Moe wants to undemine scientists and say its possible to break physics and chemistry rules. We know that gets people killed. He’s a climate crisis Denier too. That’s what they do.

When the US went to war in Iraq for the second time, they said it would be a quick victory. It’s dragged on almost 2 decades, and Americans put up with it. Meanwhile, scientists say we can have vaccines for SARS-CoV-2 in less than 18 months. We can’t fight the biggest plague of our lifetime (hopefully) for a fraction of the time and effort put into defeating so called terror?

Frisbee golf is closed in Wascana Park

Government of Sask is sending people onto thin ice

One response to “Plague Update: Saskatchewan Prepares To Increase Infections

  1. I’m sure kenney next door wanted to be first to re-open, the boasting and posturing was reaching a fever pitch. The grand gesture of handing away PPE to Ontario, Quebec and BC came and went. Then all of a sudden the meat packing plants and the tarsands camps happened. Uh oh.

    Being an “island” in the sea of Canada will mean nothing much for Saskatchewan. Its residents will still not be able to travel to other parts of the country due to border controls and quarantining. Well, maybe Manitoba will be a destination — with Palister’s cuts, they won’t be able to afford to screen the folk from next door clamouring to get in to experience the bright lights of Winnipeg. Cons. Who needs em?

    The povince that really hasn’t had any new cases for days is New Brunswick. They’ve had no deaths either, and a total of only 118 cases. Too bad they’re stuck between NS and PQ.

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