Prime Minister Furious At Himself

Canada’s bonehead Prime Minister, in an effort to look more like Boris Johnson, has turned up in an old photo sporting a culturally inappropriate turban costume while wearing what is now, finally widely recognized as racist, blackface makeup.

This latest photo is not to be confused with the one manufactured by the Conservative Party to characterize the PM as a brown person shutting down oil production in Alberta.

The Right Honourable guy has a tattoo of First Nations imagery on his shoulder, I’m pretty sure he must have a whole closest stuffed full of inappropriate cultural appropriation. If Canadians come to their senses before polling day, they can elect a PM who wears a turban appropriately, or one who stands shoulder to shoulder with First Nations people as they’re arrested for defending unceded territory from invading oil companies.

3 responses to “Prime Minister Furious At Himself

  1. .. my political career is so over..

    In 1973 and 1974 I went to two Halloween parties near University of Guelph..
    In 2019 I first heard the term ‘brownface’..
    Those parties.. I went as two of my heroes
    I lived on my family farm & commuted to U of G.. studying agriculture and played varsity football and basketball plus track and field..
    My heroes were Jimi Hendrix and Lew Alcindor (Kareem Abdul Jabbar).. I was known to appear at costume parties without a costume.. Where to find the time ? But I made an effort those two times.. and nobody had any idea who I was.. It was pretty cool pretending to be those two guys.. who are still my heroes.. as was/is Cassius Clay.. Muhammad Ali.. Pistol Pete Maravich was another hero.. Mickey Mantle and of course Jackie Robinson.. I can rattle off name after name of my other heroes.. How about Peter Pan ? Or Tinkerbell ? Or Jim Brown ?

    Perhaps I’m strange.. I dunno .. my teamates were black, white, asian, russian, lithuanian, Italian of origin.. you name it.. Me ? I came from black Irish stock.. County Kenny and County Roscommon, Donegal, Galway Bay.. arrived in the early 1800’s pre famine.. I read Black Like Me as a 15 year old.. and On The Beach as well, plus Aviation Weekly and Space Technology, read Kipling and Shakespeare while the cattle were feeding and the water troughs were filling or freezing.. Not sure when the racism sneaked into me.. in fact I know it never did and never will.. so I don’t apoligize.. for my costume or my heroes

  2. “Bonehead” – that captures the moment perfectly. I once went out to a halloween party in an immaculate Frankenstein’s monster costume. I even used pounds of mortician’s wax to build up my forehead. Not sure whether I demeaned the dead or, perhaps, the undead.

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