Your Alberta Propaganda

WARNING: The following blog post contains government propaganda (literally). Reading it may cause a warped sense of reality, and loss of your bearings.

It’s repulsive that Government is paying for this propaganda promoted tweet They sound like a Trudeau Liberal, ‘The money from destroying the earth from selling oil and gas will pay for renewable energy transitions on the dead Earth…’


One response to “Your Alberta Propaganda

  1. As I write this, Billy Morneau is about to announce how the feds will help out KM on the public dime. Thanks, Billy. I know you had to do this yourself – the airhead JT might fumble the file and upset corporatocracy everywhere. He might remember his pre-election promise to redo the NEB study he so roundly criticized then. Luckily, the big boys got to him to forget that pledge and about 380 others. Now he’s become a first class little neoliberal, but with tendencies to play a crowd for personal applause. So Billy has appointed himself as frontman apologist in charge on the file.

    If the feds use physical force to aid pipeline construction, I predict civil disorder. People are getting very upset indeed at this high-handed top down, bugger you dumb prole masses attitude, all to line private pockets and perpetuate extra CO2 output for decades. Anyone been noticing weird weather? Just wait a year or two for some real nasty stuff.

    These people get in power by lying, pure and simple, and no upsetting the capitalist gravy train will be tolerated.

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