Don’t Do That

The pompous Saskatchewan Minister of Bad Ideas, serving under the skillfully bad leadership of Premier Brad Wall, has asked people who’ve lost bus service, to just stop hitchhiking, because he doesn’t like to see it.

“People have always hitchhiked, and we don’t like to see that and hopefully they’ll stop doing that,” said Hargrave.

Next he may suggest, if it wouldn’t be a bother, could they crawl into a hole and die somewhere out of sight too?

2 responses to “Don’t Do That

  1. Joyce L Coleman: “These people have no idea that what they are doing is callous, uncaring, thoughtless and just plain wrong. Take away this man’s money, his vehicle, give him a medical condition and place him in small town Sask without a way for him to get to his appointments…”

    What’s good for the goose…

  2. I phoned the Minister’s office and left him a message that his comments were uncalled for, telling people to not hitch-hike when he left them with no other option. People from outside of Saskatchewan are shocked we’ve no bus service between our major cities. And the expense of STC has been exaggerated because 2 years of STC is less than one year of what Regina spends on its bus services.

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