STC Bus Shut Down By Callous SaskParty

Today is a terrible day in Saskatchewan history. The Brad Wall government has ended public transportation to most Saskatchewan communities. There is tomorrow no bus service between Saskatoon and Regina, a sort of event you’d expect after a major natural disaster, not an incompetent government decision poised to directly harm thousands of people, and inconvenience tens of thousands more.

Cody, who served as the minister overseeing STC back in 1978, argues the decision to shut the bus service down was philosophical, not economical.

“There’s no such thing as a profitable transportation system,” he said. “It simply isn’t there. They tell us you can’t afford $15 million or so over the next five years. If that’s the case, then why would you sell SaskTel, which makes $130 million? There’s a philosophy here and I don’t think it really has anything to do with the money.”

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    “Losing favourability, Phillips insists people should still be confident in the current regime.

    “We’re a very strong province but we like to think that Brad Wall and the Sask. Party had something to do with moving in a different direction. We’ve been down that path before and we don’t want to go back,” he said.
    A big decision that caused uproar was the closure of the Saskatchewan Transportation Company (STC). Many suggest it was a necessary service for rural Saskatchewan but according to the Regina Leader-Post, the crown cooperation reported $14.9 million in revenue and $49.1 million in operation expenses during the fiscal year.

    “In the ‘80s, our bus ridership was 885,000 people per year. Last year it was around 200,000. We lost about 77 percent of ridership on those buses. It wasn’t anything the STC did. It’s just the changing way of rural Saskatchewan and all over Saskatchewan. They’re not using the community to community buses. We just made the final decision but the people of Saskatchewan decided individually that they weren’t going to use the buses. They were the ones that made the decision that they weren’t going to use it,” he said.

    Amidst the repercussions, Phillips states the Sask Party knows it has to make harsh decisions now for a prosperous future.”

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