Contemplating the Jays and Democracy

Right now we’re determining who the best baseball team is in the AL East, over 5 games played over more than 5 days. The winner will go on to play 7 more games to determine the best in the AL. Then 7 more games to decide who is the World Series champ for the next year.

To determine our government for the next 5 years, we’ll vote on October 19th, and the winner if they get ~250+ more votes than the other parties in select locations of the country, are eligible to control 100% of the power for the next 5 years.

How can we require an insignificant game watched by millions, to require multiple nights of struggling in separate decisions, to determine the best, but a Canadian election in our democracy only requires one day of voting less frequently than the world holds the Summer Olympics?

“How, for example, can two solid polling professionals like Frank Graves and Nik Nanos — both stars in the business — come up with polar-opposite results while sampling during the same time period? At one point, Nanos had the Liberals five points up on the Conservatives nationally; Graves had it the other way around.

Just this week, Graves had the Tories taking the lead in Quebec over the niqab issue, while Lorne Bozinoff of Forum Research had the Liberals ahead in the same province followed by the NDP, with the Conservatives third. For good measure, Bozinoff also predicted that the niqab wouldn’t figure prominently in most respondents’ voting choices.
Conservative candidate ‘personally offended’ by workplace niqab ban

Bottom line? They all can’t be right.”

And why should the poll result from 1 night every 4-5 years mean more than the poll results from the other 2 months of campaigning or the polls from 4 other years?


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