Brad Wall On “Sustainably Developing Our Energy Resources”

John Klein - Regina

Brad Wall says “…we need to do better in terms of more sustainably developing our energy resources…”

Unfortunately what he means is he wants to find ways of ensuring fossil fuels and uranium come out of the ground at an increasingly profitable pace, no matter the world’s demand/need for such things.
Greg Fingas views it as such, too.

He notes that oil pride goes “Before the fall”. (Although technically oil prices have already fallen.)

The government’s climate change policy works like this: extract every last drop of fossil fuel then pray to God that no one uses it.” – G. Monbiot
I’ll add that they hope no one uses it, so long as someone first buys it. Perhaps we need to consider if…

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3 responses to “Brad Wall On “Sustainably Developing Our Energy Resources”

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    “So apparently some unspecified event in federal politics this fall has caused Brad Wall to start demanding money from Ottawa which he’d never have considered seeking before.

    Now if only he hadn’t trashed Saskatchewan’s bargaining position by dropping the court challenge which could have ensured that resource revenues didn’t play a disproportionate role in equalization allocations – and all at the request of the Conservative Prime Minister he served at the time. “

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