APEGS in Saskatoon 2014 January

Here’s when I learned that Saskatchewan is a world leader in air pollution. Yay us!

John Klein - Regina

One interesting fact is that Saskatchewan produces more carbon dioxide pollution per capita, than any other jurisdiction in the world. Yay Number 1!

A summary is at uSask.

“Session 2:
Greenhouse Gas Reductions and Transportation
Ian Loughran, Manager, Energy and Sustainability Engineering, City of Saskatoon

Many attendees were astonished to learn that Saskatchewan has the highest greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions per capita in Canada, and that 86% of these emissions come from cars. Mr. Ian Loughran commented that Saskatoon is a “car hungry city,” and that taking public transit is stigmatized, as it’s “not cool”.

People around the room jumped to the defence of all that pollution, saying the province grows the world’s food so it’s okay. I explained that we create a lot of demand for pollution overseas too through our demand for consumption of Chinese (and other) resources/manufacturing/shipping.

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