Smoke ‘Em If You’ve Got Trees

We’ve only hand planted trees (and their heirs), but we also have smoke.


3 responses to “Smoke ‘Em If You’ve Got Trees

  1. It sounds like this is the pattern that will extend through the summer and into September at least. Even out here on the island we’re nervous as hell, John. Zero snowpack on the mountains. The forests will be drying out to tinder in this heat and with the heat comes the inevitable lightning to set the woods afire.

    Folks in the rural areas out of town have told me they’re seeing a lot of wildlife coming off the mountains and out of the forests. This results in unusually large numbers of sightings of cougars and black bears on back roads.

    It doesn’t look as though there’ll be any salmon spawning runs this summer which means trouble for the predators in that food chain. They’ll have to find alternative prey – or die. It’s a good summer to keep a close eye on the dogs and cats. Tofino is having ongoing problems with pet predation by wolves.

    Hard times, John. Hard times.

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