France Has Law To Put Solar or Plants on Rooftops

I was impressed to learn that France had made new commercial buildings do this. I’ve felt badly that new buildings going up all over the University of Regina campus since I started paying attention to it in 1998, haven’t put a single solar panel up on them. There’s a building on Research Dr. with a round skylight that looks like a CD player, that would have been a perfect spot for some solar panels. At least the RIC building in 2006 had a partial green roof built onto its shady side.



One response to “France Has Law To Put Solar or Plants on Rooftops

  1. Many commercial buildings and think of the buildings and retail outlets that have all that glass in the wonderful windows they have, too, nearby where I am in Ontario..they face south and west, and strong rays when sun is out, winter or summer. Not a solar panel on those buildings. There are on a few homes just north up the road on an ordinary residential street, they have boldly put a few panels over the garage roof and part of home roof, but the power that might be generated even with solar posts in plaza parking lot, which gets really hot in summer, even that, but I think back to a few years ago hearing about kids in school playground in England or Holland? cannot recall which, the solar panel generated some power. Little bit here, there, but I did sent a note to provincial resources ministry, what about all these retail outlets with all these nice roofs and maybe they could generate some power, save money, etc.? Have not heard back and it has been awhile. Good for France, in this one aspect. Mais oui.
    Not hot here, but thinking about the power of fire out there, keep well and safe, Saskatchewan. ANd PM today says Canada, and those who make it great: well more like John Klein here. On my great Canadians list, we should think who else to move forward.

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