This is Your Daily Economic Action Plan Reminder

Canada is not a Petrostate, I repeat, Canada is Not a Petrostate.

There is no evidence that Canada places more value on oil than democracy. Remember, don’t “attack the Canadian economy” by speaking against economic activity you disagree with.

This isn’t Canada right here.

Fife 1:58: begging forgiveness for asking, suggests the Minister is “Hand in hand” with B.C government.

This was months before:

In the 21 October 2014 session, Greg Rickford, the natural resources minister, urged the 40 to 50 assembled executives to work harder to spread the oil industry’s message.

“You are fighting an uphill battle for public confidence,” he said. “Our messages are not resonating.”

“In my capacity as the Minister… my responsibility pan-nationally is that we have a safe regime and an understanding of pipeline safety from all communities in Canada.” – Greg Rickford 5 months before giving the oil companies a pep-talk.

Here’s a little reality instead, although you must forgive me, it’s too much reality for this particular blog post stating that Canada isn’t a Petrostate.


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