Oceans Rising Faster In Last 100 Years

Here’s a fantastically interesting lecture on the science of sea levels. Some counter-intuitive stuff goes on when an ice sheet melts, because an ocean isn’t a bathtub.


4 responses to “Oceans Rising Faster In Last 100 Years

  1. We live on an ever changing ball of rock that floats in space and, its core is forever cooling and contracting. The earth will not stay in one stabalizing state just because humans walk the earth, it would be nice if it did but it would be the height of arrogance to think it should. Sea’s have risen and declined before, and, will again. Volcano’s will erupt as always, and, earthquakes will swallow land and move land..as always. The 100’s of billions of dollars that have been spent on stopping Global Warming then Global Climate Change and pretty soon Global Cooling could have wiped out Global Hunger, but, guys like Al Gore dont get rich on that. The longer I am alive the more I think that the worlds biggest problems will be solved by the Left, I am not a knuckle dragging right winger…I just wish the Left could get its act together like it was in the 60’s and 70’s and find a voice. But telling people that the sea’s are going to rise and its our fault just adds to the noise out there that is the Left. The Occupy movement had it right…they just couldnt get the word out with a single voice. Greenpeace are miracle workers, angels, but, they are now lost in a climate warming cooling vortex as well. Stephen Harper has been Canada’s PM for 10 years, and, he doesnt win with the overwhelming support of Canadians, he wins because the Left splits itself over issues that very few care about. You tell us that Climate Change is the most important issue of our time, yet, the NDP and the Liberals refuse to merge and address it, 24 Sussex is more important then Climate Change I guess. Its frustrating to see real life issues get lost in the vacuum. Fresh Water, renewable energy, Education, Infrastucture….this should be the Left’s platform. You had an article a few weeks back about a house in Alaska (?) that was had a sole source of energy from solar panels…I read that and forwarded that story to friends, it was an amazing story…this is what the Left should do more of. But, nope, an MP that Mr Harper wont allow to run as a Conservative gets welcomed in as a Liberal.
    Thats my rant. Canadians would rather not vote for a right wing government but when they dont know what exactly the other partys stand for what else can they do.

  2. Didnt see the link for the video.
    Shouldnt have to visit blogs to see that story…it was inspiring to see that to some people the status quo isnt good enough.

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