#DontLookAtTheSun Sun News Off The Air

Gormley cooked up a conspiracy to try to blame me for his misfortune of attracting a protest to his book talk.

There were a lot of scared journos last night. Some who’d already been kicked to the curb too many times, or maintained more spine, spoke out against Sun’s brand of “journalism”.

Indeed, the best thing about Sun closing is that Akin can now work somewhere with credibility that won’t drain his own.

I tried to leave this on Kinsella’s comments, but his site wasn’t working well.

Kinsella’s article says some things that are true about the media, and some things that are not really true universally about alternative and social media. I wish ill-will to very few individuals at Sun News, as I know almost none behind the scenes who were just working a job trying to get by. It’s okay to celebrate the failure of a propaganda arm of the Conservative Party of Canada though. It’s okay to feel good about nasty mouthpieces taken off the air for a while before they regroup. It’s an evolution in the media landscape, and there are valid reasons for why Sun TV and most other traditional top-down mainstream media is failing.

Could it lead to a lack of democracy? Probably, but that’s what Sun’s style of “journalism” was seeking anyway.

I’m far from the only media critic/groupie to say so:

KP says:
February 13, 2015 at 11:41 am

I was one of those awful Twitter people who was ‘gleeful’ when I heard Sun News was finally being put to sleep. Sun News was readily available on my cable package every month and the few times I did watch, I was disgusted by the slanted, bigoted and occasionally straight-up vile opinions being spat by its hosts.

In the interest of full disclosure, I worked as a journalist before seeing the writing on the wall and getting out of the business several years ago and while I certainly feel for the journalists who lost their jobs, they aren’t naive people who were just following orders. They were educated people who knew exactly what they were being tasked with selling, which was editorial content being tagged as news.

On some level, I’m dismayed there is such a dearth of journalism jobs that talented reporters, editors and other production staff are forced to reduce themselves to creating low-rent schlock on a network that catered to an infinitesimally-small percentage of the Canadian population, but nobody was forcing them to work at Sun.

In the end, this isn’t a failure of the market, it’s not CBC’s fault, it has nothing to do with people not wanting to hear conservative opinions on TV – seriously, look at how many card-carrying Tories there are among Canada’s top media personalities – it’s about a business that quite simply didn’t offer anything people were willing to pay for.


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