The Ballad of #MikeBrown

If you go to Quik Trip
You’d better take your gun,
Cause the boys in blue will get you,
That’s how things are done,
In #Ferguson.

If you finish highschool in this two-bit town,
A quick trip may last forever if they gun you down,
The fate of poor #MikeBrown.

Those darn pedestrians are a threat, don’t you know?

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4 responses to “The Ballad of #MikeBrown

  1. I just seen the video of him robbing a grocery store. Seems like a promising young man on the right track in life to become an upstanding prison inmate if you ask me.

      • Read the news dip shit! This jack ass just jacked up a store before he was shot by the police. Oh yeah I forgot that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton never tweeted about the robbery video! How’s that for broken English? Understand me now?

      • You must read selective news. Police stopped him for jaywalking, not a robbery.
        Regardless of his crimes, even a felon can’t be shot while fleeing police, and an unarmed suspect can’t be shot in the top of the head in an execution.

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