The Ballad of #MikeBrown

If you go to Quik Trip
You’d better take your gun,
Cause the boys in blue will get you,
That’s how things are done,
In #Ferguson.

If you finish highschool in this two-bit town,
A quick trip may last forever if they gun you down,
The fate of poor #MikeBrown.

Those darn pedestrians are a threat, don’t you know?


7 responses to “The Ballad of #MikeBrown

  1. I just seen the video of him robbing a grocery store. Seems like a promising young man on the right track in life to become an upstanding prison inmate if you ask me.

      • Read the news dip shit! This jack ass just jacked up a store before he was shot by the police. Oh yeah I forgot that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton never tweeted about the robbery video! How’s that for broken English? Understand me now?

      • You must read selective news. Police stopped him for jaywalking, not a robbery.
        Regardless of his crimes, even a felon can’t be shot while fleeing police, and an unarmed suspect can’t be shot in the top of the head in an execution.

      • Youre both missing the point, yes he robbed a store however the officer had no idea that he robbed a store, which they admitted in the news! As far as the officer concerned was aware this was just a black kid Jaywalking. Regardless of all of this theft or even fleeing an officer does not warrant execution. No where in the law does it have a provision for this. …

  2. Your killer faced the law,
    in his blue uniform and tie,
    You faced only Darren Wilson,
    Laying in the street to die.

    Looking into blue, unkind eyes,
    The law saw no good intentions.
    Delayed and blamed to stop the up-rise,
    Shoot first, and never answer questions

    Hands up, don’t shoot,
    Don’t even try to run,
    That’s how things are done,
    In #Ferguson.

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