Plague Update: PM Trudeau Has COVID-19 Again

The PM got COVID by going to the Americas summit in the USA recently.

Gee, what could he have done better to protect himself? Maybe not speak moistly into the faces of world leaders 3 days ago and all last week?

9 responses to “Plague Update: PM Trudeau Has COVID-19 Again

  1. So we hire a man to represent us on the world stage, he takes ill and is vilified. I am not an anti-masker or anti-vaxer or a great supporter of any particular politician, but I do recognize a cheap shot when I see one.

    • Excuse me? You’re calling it a cheap shot to point out he endangered himself and others when he could have taken the very basic step of wearing a well-fitting mask while meeting with people from all over the world in close-quarters? Trudeau himself said today that people should protect themselves.

  2. yes cheap shot. I guess you would have him stay away from the summit so you could accuse him of not doing his job.

    • Don’t be daft, he could have worn an N95 mask and had everyone on his team do the same, and still gone, and at least would have observed some of the recommendations from Dr. Tam.

  3. A simple google image search of the summit of the Americas 2022 will show exactly 0 masks at this summit meeting. I will however concede that you must have more knowledge at your grasp than all of the leaders of all the countries in North and South America and it is truly an injustice that they did not follow your recommendations.

    • Problem is you’re doing only a half assed simple search instead of watching Trudeau’s own video from the other day where he and a Caribbean leader are masked.

  4. If the evidence you provide of the PM not following protocol is a video of him wearing a mask, you win I cant top that.

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