Plague Update: Shahab Predicts COVID Will Wane by March 2022

The depravity of Shahab and Moe is really laid bare, as Canada enters the 2nd Omicron wave in no small part to the removal of public health measures. They shamefully led the way with reducing public health.

2 months later, the reality that Omicron isn’t going away soon is sinking in.

A month back:

Meanwhile the Speaker has COVID and spread it around at a SUMA dinner with urban municipal lawmakers from all over Saskatchewan:

3 responses to “Plague Update: Shahab Predicts COVID Will Wane by March 2022

  1. These public health medicos are reading from the same songsheet of prepared phrases dreamed up from their weekly Zoom calls.

    Exact same words used today at a Nova Scotia presser: “the province moved away from daily reporting so that it could provide the public with an accurate understanding of COVID-19 instead of daily spikes in cases or deaths.” So once a week, no masks, let ‘er rip. After all, it’s been decided Covid is over and anyway, people know how to deal with it. No they don’t — your average dope thinks that lifting of mask restrictions means what it says. Local infectious disease specialists from Dalhousie University say masks should stay, but hey, our Chief Medical Officer and yours is mimicking the Europeans, and they’re in a jam but nobody cares.

    Public Health is now a farce country wide.

    Our positivity rate is over 30%, 1300 hundred cases today (that was leaked out by some kind soul), 7,000 in the last week. Our population is exactly 1 million and has the highest infection rates per capita in North America. “I’m not hitting the panic button yet!” quoth out genius premier. Total postives were 7,000 in 18 months from onset, now we hit that in a mere week. Tripled deaths in last three months. Omicron is a kinder, gentler Covid, I guess.

    Let’s face it, Public Healths are just excuse machines these days. Screw the very young and the seniors — who needs ’em?

    You have to wonder — what the hell is going on?

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