No Truth

Manitoba’s new Minister really put his foot in his mouth. The leader of the Official Opposition put him in his place.

Why are Canadian Conservatives like O’Toole and this Manitoban willing to publicly defend the Indian Residential School genocide program?

4 responses to “No Truth

  1. The CBC refuted Lagimodiere and upheld Kinew by simply audio replaying a sentence from Harper’s IRS apology from 2008, which refers to “killing the Indian in the child”.

    Apparently Manitoba Cons cannot even remember that the most right wing PM we’ve ever had, apologized for the Residential School System and its goals on behalf of the country. The speech wording, if not the manner in which the PM monotonically gave it, as I recall it being anyway, is really quite good, and well worth reading:

    Wake up Pallister and right wing drones everywhere to the reality that Harper gave you a Con policy statement 13 years ago with that apology: pull your fingers out and get on with your job. The time for obfuscation, general excuses and white man glory settler nonsense was ended over a decade ago. I don’t do Twitter, but someone might want to advise Moe of Harper’s speech, too. Maybe Stevie will also get to recall the words he indelibly uttered as well.

    • It was one of a handful of things that Harper did somewhere close to properly, and it was still only a beginning on the work we still need to do in order to finally get in compliance with treaty.

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