Silly Saskatchewan Party

EVs are not getting a free ride on the roads.

A look through Saskatchewan budget documents shows clearly that the amounts spent annually to maintain highways far exceed what’s collected through the fuel tax on gasoline, diesel and propane that are earmarked for highway building and upkeep. For instance, Harpauer’s 2021-22 budget projects spending $830 million on highways, while the fuel tax is expected to raise $477.9 million.

In fact, from 2008 to 2022, fuel tax revenues total $6.8 billion, while $10.6 billion is spent on highways. 


Link broken on purpose.

The Sask Party doesn’t care about the climate crisis.

One response to “Silly Saskatchewan Party

  1. Sask Power seems to have a particularly opaque website when it comes to any detail whatsoever on electrical energy generation by class. Not installed capacity and plant listings but actual kilowatt hour energy produced by generation class. Must be a government secret. Even the Wikipedia page on SaskPower is pretty obviously government propaganda which hates the Federal government. The Sask Rate Review Panel looks to be an utter farce.

    In NS we have the Utility and Review Board which has authority on regulated monopolies, gasoline prices, approval of NS Power plans and rates, auto insurance, bus systems, you name it. It is at arms length from the province and operates under its own legislation.

    In Saskatchewan the public seems to be treated like mushrooms, kept in the dark and fed manure.

    Good luck, although I cannot withdraw my earlier comments on EV owners getting free use of public infrastructure. If all cars were EVs, you’d have a $470 million revenue shortfall, that’s all, with the right wing nasty schMoe running the place deciding to use general revenues to build and maintain roads. With the generation mix you “appear” to have, EVs will not save you much carbon. No amount of squirming or denial cancels engineering logic. I voted Green last federal election for an engineer in our riding who did very well indeed, but the Greens overall were stymied by the first past the post system so that the BQ twits got elected with a similar vote count Greens got across the countr. Since then, the Greens seem to have withdrawn into a state of complete uselessness and confusion. Things do not look bright on the environmental front at the moment.

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