Teletubbies Falwell Likes To Watch

If you’re old enough, and into American odd news, you’ll remember Jerry Falwell saying he thought the purple Teletubbie was gay. His son carried on in the family tradition of spreading religious themed bigotry and hatred of queer people.

There’s no problem if the Falwells’ amplified, vocal hypocrisy didn’t hurt other people while they had their fun. Or were they blackmailed?

One response to “Teletubbies Falwell Likes To Watch

  1. Couldn’t have happened to anyone more deserving than Trump himself. Falwell senior, along with all the other grifters and con artists filling their collection plates, were truly nasty people. Imagine the upbringing this dude went through? I still don’t completely buy that it was only the wife doing to pool boy either. These types are quick to deflect and throw anyone around them under the bus. He even stooped as low to call it a fatal attraction. One thing for sure, stupid people believing these cons is the sure way to riches.

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