Plague Update: Masks and Memes

I once agreed that masks were probably not of much use outside of hospitals, but have revised my stance to agree with the recent CDC and Health Canada findings. Now that our masks shouldn’t run out in hospitals, it’s best if people in stores and elsewhere they might meet people in public, have a mask on.

Sweden was held up as a positive example of carrying on, by COVIDIOTS only 2 weeks ago
Far right extremists in the US are in charge, and have a lot of media support.
COVID-19 is the top daily killer ahead of cancer and heart disease, and yes, that means ahead of the flu too.

2 responses to “Plague Update: Masks and Memes

  1. I have no problem wearing a surgical mask in public. I’d like to when I do my grocery shopping every two weeks, for all the obvious reasons.

    Now — where in hell do I obtain one?

    There’s the rub. There aren’t any for sale, yet they should be in every supermarket and pharmacy. Hell, I was reading about the Covid-19 in Turkey, and in Istanbul supermarkets they hand them out to customers when they enter the store.

    Here in Canada? Not a one in sight. At neither of the Loblaws or Sobeys stores I went to four days ago were employees wearing one. Perhaps 20% of the customers had one or a lashup of a bandana like me. This country cannot organize itself out of a wet paper bag.

    We dig up bulk minerals/tarsand oil and export them as we’ve always done. Making finished goods is not something we do much of in this country. Now there’s something that should change, in order that we don’t have to rely on foreign supply lines for obvious stuff. Surgical masks are not rocket science, but we don’t even make something as simple as that.

    The country is and has been devoid of strategic planning at the highest levels, other than how to spy on the citizenry.

    That complete idiot Scheer is now suggesting full Parliamentary meetings. WTF? The man is a menace to the country, exhibits zero common sense, and has overstayed any welcome he didn’t deserve in the first place. If he’d been PM during this pandemic, Canadians would have been dropping like flies, because his brain is a mush of ideology and nothing else.

    I am not happy.

    Speaking of COVidiots, Prog Blog has one of our very own, some guy who thinks he’s a philosopher genius, proclaiming his utterances as “Writings”. I’ve told the silly fool off, but a troll lives off criticism, so I stopped. The last thing I need is some dolt lecturing me!

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