Imagine Alberta Without Kenney

Imagine an Alberta government not under investigation for election fraud?
One that doesn’t fire tens of thousands during a pandemic so Ottawa can pay them instead? A provincial government which doesn’t bail out sub-$4/barrel oil to the tune of billions, while cutting doctors’ pay.

UBI Universal Basic Income would allow people to stay home, and flatten the curve of infected plague carriers during a lockdown, and would save thousands of lives this year. Lots of climate change mitigation efforts save millions of lives in nebulous other years, but UBI saves people TODAY. What in the GD Hell are people arguing against it for? They hate people surviving if they didn’t directly earn less money than most people pay in taxes in half a year?

6 responses to “Imagine Alberta Without Kenney

  1. Hi Saskboy,

    How did so many Albertans forget the disastrous policies that made them sweep Notley’s NDP into power? Four short years later, all was forgiven?

    Kenney was a bungling ass even during the campaign that brought him to victory. How could they elect him?

    Do you think he’s doomed his re-election chances?

    • Math is hard, and the UCP cornered the math by uniting the right. Non thinking voters had no choice but to elect Kenney, it had been made inevitable through math, propaganda, cheating, etc.

  2. Kenney, hands down the worst politician in Canada (minus his hero Stephen Harper) and the worst to handle a crisis. Blaming Trudeau hasn’t worked and now he’s stuck trying to clean up a mess he has no capabilities to even start, in fact will end up sinking the province which will not even be able to rely on boom bust ever again. Notley on the other hand, the best politician in Canada who would have lead Alberta to whether the storm and instilled confidence.

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