Greens Hire a Political Strategist Some Don’t Like

I don’t much care for his strategy most of the time, but the Greens can’t keep doing the same thing when the other parties are playing to run out the clock. We’ve less than eleven years left to maybe, hopefully have enough time to get emissions to a point where we’ll survive the first half of this century. If a punk rocking blogger with a mean streak is able to help the Greens break-through, then good enough.

8 responses to “Greens Hire a Political Strategist Some Don’t Like

  1. I’ve written to May expressing my disgust at this. She imagines she can keep a jackal on a leash. I’m more worried he’ll use this post less to benefit the GPC than to continue his vendetta against Trudeau. I’ll still vote Green but I won’t campaign for the party until I see convincing evidence that May keeps this clown in his place. I fear that won’t be easy. The party says they know he’s a shark and that’s what they need to protect May. I told them that my experience of sharks is that they’re not fussy whom they bite. Look how this guy turned on first Ignatieff and then Olivia Chow.

  2. When the Liberals bought the pipeline I decided to vote green in the next election. Now that the Green party has well and truly jumped the shark, I will be voting Liberal. I will also campaign against the Green party at every opportunity.


  3. i am not a Liberal staffer or an NDP partisan. I just think that a party that would employ Warren Kinsella in any capacity does not get my vote. Kinsella is whats wrong with canadian politics. I refer you to almost any post in the past few years at Please read as much of this as you can stand and formulate your own opinion of this person.

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