Saskatchewan’s Worst Former Minister?

Gerry Ritz makes his latest bid for the role of most disgraceful person who happened to be a Minister of the federal government, from Saskatchewan.

Anyone who has ever looked at Catherine McKenna’s tweets realizes that Tarsand Trolls all call her “Climate Barbie” as a personal insult because she’s a blond woman who they think is not smart.

The Minister is obviously smart, and should not face taunts about her appearance, especially from another MP like Ritz. His cheese slipped off his cracker long ago, clearly.

One response to “Saskatchewan’s Worst Former Minister?

  1. The Minister sent out for the Liberals:
    ” Being called “Climate Barbie” isn’t new. The Rebel Media organization and it’s (sic) followers have been using it to try to undermine and demean my work since day one — and Andrew Scheer has been silent as the attacks continued.

    But I’ll tell you what, John: Sexist comments like this one won’t stop us.

    We need more women running for office, and we need more women leading the way on the tough issues that we face today — including climate change.

    That’s why I’m so proud to be a Liberal, because we understand this. Canadians understand this too. It’s why our movement works so hard to elect more women to the House of Commons, and to have even more women serving in our government.

    You and I need to send a clear message to the Conservative Party that we won’t stand for their divisive, backwards, and sexist agenda.

    So if you believe in electing more women, in giving women an equal voice at the decision-making table, and in building a more inclusive society for our kids and grandkids, chip in what you can now ahead of LPC’s end of quarter deadline on September 30, and let’s keep building a better Canada for everyone.”

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