Conservative Party Should Be Sorry

The Conservative Party of Canada, in response to Omar Khadr being awarded a damages settlement for torturous conditions of his imprisonment, said, “No words,” on their Facebook post.

I’ve some words. A political party that was okay with leaving a child soldier to be tortured in an American prison, ought to have at least one word to say too, and that’s “sorry”.

What Omar K. was convicted for was wrong I think, but what the Canadian Liberal and Conservative governments did to him during his punishment, for being a child soldier, requires punishment for the government, for the people of Canada to allow an injustice to persist. This payout should give pause to Canadians who think there’s no repercussion for torturing a Canadian child who people hate.

Cicely Mcwilliam: Omar said for years that he didn’t throw the grenade and only relented to the states narrative so that he could be moved to a Canadian prison. He suffered torture and was denied a childhood both by his father and later by the US. That is why he both deserves an apology and compensation. [You’re] right a Liberal government and a Conservative government both failed to protect the rights of a Canadian child under the Convention on the Rights of the Child as well as the conventions related to child soldiers both of which Canada had championed.

I’m all for people fighting injustice. Conservatives and others see the injustice in a person who has [allegedly] killed someone getting more money from the government, than the victim’s family gets. I see that as an injustice. We shouldn’t fight the unjust amount going to a victim’s family, by denying the correction of another injustice, however.


9 responses to “Conservative Party Should Be Sorry

  1. Conservatives are never ashamed. They don’t have the native wit to do so once they have taken a dogged position on a matter.

    IThe SCC ruled against harper and for Khadr back in 2010. Yes harper is mentioned in the heading of the judgement.

    So all the righteous bullsh!t we have been subjected to the past couple of days about how Khadr deserves nothing for being locked up and interrogated in Guantanamo means SFA.

    The judgement against harper is easily found on the internet, and it’s not overly long to read:

    So apparently Conservatives, and for that matter CTV National News owned by Bell, which slanted its report against the probable payment last night, are unable to read. Or think they are smarter or brighter than the SCC which they are palpably not. So they instead dredge up the old crap about Khadr’s behaviour on the battlefield as justification for non-payment, when the compensation is for the subsequent utterly reprehensible treatment by harper afterwards.

    The Americans who think they can tap the $10 million are equally badly informed. It’s ambulance chasing lawyers and no more. They’ll get precisely nowhere if lower courts follow the reasoning of the SCC.

    Too damn bad about the controversy. Here we are with dolts still trying to excuse harper’s execrable behaviour by deliberately not talking about what the compensation and apology is actually for. Typical.

    • 3 previous Canadian governments made Omar into the poster child (pun intended) super villain, and now we’re paying the piper. Had they treated him fairly as a child soldier, no one would know his name today.

      • For Cons blaming the PM:
        So don’t pin this on the PM of the day who is cleaning up the mess left by the rest.

        Look, I really don’t want to defend Trudeau, because he’s a liar, but this problem isn’t his except because the Con party tells people it’s his fault without the media explaining it’s damages for Canada’s shitty treatment of a citizen tortured and mistreated while in an American gulag.

  2. Cons, from what I’ve learned about them over the years are- inflammatory, hateful, envious, proud, greedy b@st@rds, who are raising money off this-
    as per. Their followers? Gullible fools.

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