If Earth Was A Restaurant From The 1990s

One of the big problems with climate change, is even if Europe and Asia manage to create low carbon infrastructure and societies, it’s like a non-smoking section of a restaurant. Remember those? Saskatchewan banned smoking in restaurants by about 2005, so we got out of the habit of asking, “Non-smoking table for two, please.”

We need a non-smoking section, only for climate change. Deniers get the part that floods, & burns.
“Non-smoking continent for 4 Billion please.”

Except as with a non-smoking section in restaurants, the symbolic barrier doesn’t actually work, & everyone ends up dying from pollution. C’est la vie. Or rather, c’est la mort. (I don’t actually speak French.)

2 responses to “If Earth Was A Restaurant From The 1990s

  1. If the research is correct, we’re in for a non-linear climate transition beginning in 2020-23 called “climate departure.” This is a switch from Climate A to a new climate, Climate B. One feature of Climate B is that every year will be hotter than the hottest recorded year of the old climate, Climate A era.

    Climate departure is predicted to set in first in areas such as the Caribbean, Central America,the Mediterranean, and the Middle East. By 2040 it will be established pretty much across the U.S. Eventually it will reach the polar regions.

    There will be a lot of knock-on effects of climate departure, one of them being mass migration of populations from no longer viable homelands. I expect when it begins it will put the denialists in a very uncomfortable position as they’ll be blamed for having obstructed opportunities for both mitigation and adaptation.

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