Oil’s Four Letter Word Defender

Brad Wall seems to only ever be speaking to oil executives about oil and gas. Does he understand anything else? Are there any examples of our Premier meeting recently with organizations other than Big Oil and Gas? Anytime he’s trying to boost the province’s economy, it’s coal this, oil that.

Meanwhile, the renewable energy sector is growing significantly, and BP the petrol company, admits that it’s competing with fossil fuels already. Yet, how many renewable energy companies has Wall courted to come and provide manufacturing jobs in Saskatchewan? I bet it’s a goose egg.

Brad Wall claims the most powerful companies (Big Oil) on the planet are under an “existential threat” from such powers as the Raging Grannies and the Sierra Club.

Don’t know if he’s checked their comparative bank accounts or the number of oil lobbyists checking into the Prime Minister’s inbox over say, the last 100 years, but he’s out of touch with reality.

His hack calls plans to deal with pollution “a set of incredibly stupid proposals that would lock in poverty for all Sask people and families”, but makes budget cuts to poverty reduction programs. No,  Wall thinks the Sierra Club and Naomi Klein are coming for Saskatchewan’s economy. He’s attempting to portray good people as boogeymen, so he can ‘protect’ us and be the hero.

The Government of Saskatchewan released the Poverty Reduction Strategy on Wednesday (Feb. 24, 2016).

The strategy aims to reduce the number of people who experience poverty for two years or more by 50 per cent by the end of 2025.

“We’re going to need a lot of help from community based organizations, from the community, from all levels of government,” Social Services Minister Donna Harpauer said.

Mandryk about Wall’s speech to Big Oil in Calgary:

Wall must do more than shill for the oil industry

“That might seem alarmist or overly dramatic, but it’s not,” Wall said.

Well, sir, it was both alarmist and overly dramatic.

“”It’s not borne of science. It doesn’t respect the reality of where our energy sector is at in this country or even its proportionate share of global emissions in the case of climate change,” Wall said.”

Sorry Wall. That excuse sounds like you’ve been caught peeing in someone’s pool, and you say the reality is that the amount of pee isn’t proportionate to any problem we need to worry about, because it would have been more bothersome for you to go to a proper washroom.


6 responses to “Oil’s Four Letter Word Defender

  1. Well put.

    Brad Wall is doing the neoliberals work for them. Should provide a decent pension for him at some hi-falutin’ sounding Institute when he hangs up his political hat and looks around for the appropriate amounts of gratitude. Then he can issue unctuous articles about undying Prairie Spirit and forget completely where Tommy Douglas came from as well.

    To the victor comes the opportunity to issue history the way he/she thinks they saw it. Clark out in BC is another preener of similar ilk, people who are highly impressed with themselves and nothing much else really matters when you get right down to it. Any and all praise highly welcomed anytime, anywhere.

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  3. “Co-operation by every government in the world is urgently required. Two hopeful signs are that 175 nations have signed the international climate change agreement and renewable power installations now outpace new fossil fuel installations for electricity generation worldwide.

    To date, co-operation by the Saskatchewan government on the climate change issue has been minimal. As Premier Brad Wall’s address last month to the Petroleum Club in Calgary illustrated, his focus has been on defending the environmental record of the fossil fuel industry.

    For the sake of our children and grandchildren, we need our premier to shift course and join other leaders from around the globe in a serious effort to tackle climate change.

    Peter Prebble is Director of Environmental Policy for the Saskatchewan Environmental Society.” Leader Post

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