It’s a Gas

CCS, what is it good for? Absolutely money. Not for you and I, no, it’s good for oil companies.

We’re talking about this because the only “clean coal” plant isn’t working properly yet, and it opened over a year ago (late). The delay is costing SaskPower customers tens of millions of dollars in penalties to pay to the oil company Cenovus.

SaskWind explains:

350,000 tonnes will be permanently sequestered in Aquistore
Aquistore’s own web site describes itself as a “storage site for the world’s first commercial post-combustion CO2 capture, transportation, utilization, and storage project from a coal-fired electrical generating station”. However SaskPower, in its ‘Case for Carbon Capture and Storage’ confirms that Aquistore will permanently sequester only 350,000 tonnes, or 1.2%, of the of 30-million tonnes which will be captured at BD3. This small amount confirms that BD3 was only ever about providing CO2 for Enhanced Oil Recovery. In other words: the tiny percentage that is permanently sequestered at Aquistore is simply a fig leaf to disguise the true nature of BD3 – the production, at public expense, of CO2 for the oil industry.

-emphasis added

I’ve been writing about the true purpose of CCS for years and years. Others have realized it too.

We’ve roughly months left in the world to stop building coal fired electricty infrastructure, without certainly stranding those assets when we have to dismantle them in coming years before the plants recoup their investments.

You shut it down and immediately replace it with natural gas, solar, and wind.


3 responses to “It’s a Gas

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  2. Even Postmedia is being a little critical of the boondoggle.

    “Mandryk: Bill Boyd and his latest billion-dollar glitch
    Regina Leader-Post‎ – 8 hours ago

    When Bill Boyd speaks of “glitches” in government, he does so with considerable authority. … REGINA, SK: APRIL 14, 2015 — SaskPower Minister Bill Boyd presenting the…”
    Page not found though.

    • Shows up elsewhere instead now.
      “When Bill Boyd speaks of “glitches” in government, he does so with considerable authority.

      “Glitches” – and we’re talking about glitches of the billion-dollar variety – have pretty much defined the eight-year career of the Saskatchewan Party government’s economy minister.

      Admittedly, sometimes a politician’s good name becomes attached to a problem over which he or she may have had little or no control. And when such glitches seem to be both repetitive – and rather costly – under that politician’s watch, it’s hard not to tag them with being responsible.

      Remember all those glitches with SaskPower’s smart meters?”

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