ConCalls: Documentary Rolling Across Canada #RoboCon

Peter is making a film about the RoboCon election fraud. His tour gets started tomorrow in Guelph, where the most famous incident in hundreds of ridings took place.

Hat tip to TGB


One response to “ConCalls: Documentary Rolling Across Canada #RoboCon

  1. Thanks, John so much for this note on the EDay Film. Keeping the issue alive even though they wanted it dead, buried, never resurrected as we all know what is arriving in October! A NEW government, hopefully. Disclosure that our household got the North Dakota calls April 3, 2011 and even after on the tory own do not call list, three more calls a few days later for their local candidate. It still remains a mystery who called that day, and what is the trouble with finding out something simple like that? Gee, I wonder…thanks for keeping the irons in the fire, and a big spoon in the pot, giving things a good stir.

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