Nathan Cullen’s Electoral Reform tour stop in Regina

Who Won in Wascana? The “Losers”

The non-voting bloc won. Or might I say, they almost certainly didn’t get what they wanted, or didn’t try for what they wanted.

The federal riding of Wascana is the only Liberal seat in both Alberta and Saskatchewan, and will probably remain that way for the next 5 years. The results of it are interesting, as are many of Canada’s 308 elections, because the non-voting adults could have singularly elected a different candidate without changing other voters’ votes.

Voter turnout: 38,777 of 57,034 registered electors (68.0%) = 18,257 non-voters
Liberal Ralph Goodale 15,842 40.9%
Conservative Ian Shields 14,292 36.9%
NDP Marc Spooner 7,689 19.8%
Green Party Bill Clary 954 2.5%

My critics may say, “Yeah, but Goodale [or insert your “winning” MP in place of his name] got the single most votes of those who ran.” My critics would technically be correct, but it’s also technically correct to say that he got the most votes of the available candidates, who all failed to suitably impress at least half of the electorate enough to mark an X beside his name.

As Stephen Harper said before the election campaign, “Losers don’t get to form coalitions“.

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Bill Clary – Green Candidate in Wascana Riding

Wascana’s Bill Clary and I discuss the Broadcaster’s Consortium who conspired to keep Elizabeth May and the Green Party out of the 2011 election’s televised leaders debate. The CBC Ombudsman, former Prime Ministers, and millions of Canadians objected to the decision, but the corporate media won this year, after being embarrassed in 2008 successfully due to public outrage then.

Bill, and the other Wascana candidates get asked a tough question on child poverty, while at the URSUnion forum at the University of Regina:

Bill’s response is near the end of the video.