“I have looked at the numbers.” – PM about Wallin’s Expenses

Pamela Wallin’s disgrace has been taking place in slow motion, with the latest chapter hitting headlines again.

“In terms of Sen. Wallin, I have looked at the numbers,” Harper told the House of Commons two weeks ago.

“Her travel costs are comparable to any parliamentarian travelling [sic] from that particular area of the country over that period of time.”

Yet the RCMP allege she committed fraud. Similar to the Nigel Wright bribe for Senator Duffy, no charges have been laid despite the RCMP’s findings.

Canada appears to be a country where some of the rich and powerful face no consequence for their crimes, even after the RCMP has built a case.

Part 2 #OilConVoid – PMO: Wallin’s Missing Calendar Found

Check out Part 1 of this blog series explaining when Conservatives have corrupted Canada for oil companies.

Suspended Senator Pamela Wallin should soon be in more hot water, along with the corrupt Conservative Party for which she was apparently fundraising for while traveling on the taxpayer’s dime.

She’s under investigation for fraud and breach of trust.

The November document noted Deloitte had looked at three versions of Wallin’s electronic Microsoft Outlook calendar from January 2009 to September 2012 and observed more than 500 changes.

Wallin had told Deloitte she added some items to her calendar and deleted others in May 2013 to help with the investigation. When pressed as to why, she said she wanted to make the investigation as streamlined as possible and so she had taken out some non-Senate related events and added other events relevant to her role as a senator. Wallin said this was done on the advice of Sen. David Tkachuk, former chair of the Senate’s internal economy committee, but he has denied this.

She was spending over $400/day of our money to travel, with the apparent intention of enriching the Conservative Party of Canada. That’s what’s behind the Duffy scandal too, he was employed by Canadians, appointed by Stephen Harper, to enrich the Conservatives.

Duffy vs. PMO: The Duffy Documents

Postmedia reports
“Sen. Mike Duffy told a spellbound upper chamber Monday that the prime minister’s former chief of staff, who paid him $90,000 to cover his housing expenses, had also arranged a second cheque to pay his legal bills.” And:

A court document filed by RCMP Cpl. Greg Horton says that Wright’s lawyers told the RCMP that the March 26 payment from Wright to Duffy was a CIBC bank draft sent to Duffy’s lawyer, Janice Payne.

The source says that the transfer was handled by Cassels Brock, where Hamilton works.

Wright’s lawyers told the RCMP that the party had earlier agreed to pay Duffy’s expense bill when it was believed to be $32,000. When the party learned that the amount required was $90,000, the party balked at paying, and Wright agreed to pay it “believing it was the proper ethical decision that taxpayers not be out $90,000.”

CTV, citing Conservative sources, has reported that the late Sen. Doug Finley had opposed using party funds to make the payment to Duffy

After Duffy’s speech in the Senate today, Akin uploaded the “Duffy Documents“.

Canada’s “Pentagon Papers”? Ready to take a Prime Minister down?

Wright’s lawyers told the RCMP that lawyer Benjamin Perrin had knowledge of the arrangement.

Perrin had earlier disputed a CTV report that he was involved.

“I was not consulted on, and did not participate in, Nigel Wright’s decision to write a personal cheque to reimburse Senator Duffy’s expenses,” Perrin said in a May statement. “I have never communicated with the Prime Minister on this matter.”

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Where Canada Is Going

It’s very important to Canada’s economy that we send a resource (we can’t use without killing the planet) to Communist China so their economy can continue to pollute at record pace as they ship unneeded goods to the United States and Canada so we can bury them in our landfills when we aren’t burning them to create electricity to power our other throw-away devices.


Rogue PM

Rogue PM

I’ve predicted for a year or so that the power brokers in Ottawa will soon sense that Harper isn’t their meal ticket any longer and jump bandwagons to Trudeau because they are not loyal to the toxic CPC brand, they are loyal only to power and those who hold it for the immediate future.

This includes many in the Main Stream Media too, by the way. Watch for increasing reluctance to handle Harper with kid gloves, and a fawning honeymoon for Trudeau that lasts well past the next election. The good news is Sun News won’t be able to convince its viewers that it is now loyal to the Liberals when that power shift comes, so it will take a bigger nose-dive than Harper as his head hid in the sand this past week.

Hat tips to Mark H. and Nadine L. for the image idea.

Wallin Says Sorry, But Doesn’t Step Aside

Maintaining her power over Canada, doesn’t seem like the best way to apologize for ‘accidentally’ cheating Canadians out of tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

“I’m very sorry obviously that I’ve caused all of this grief for family and my friends and for my fellow parliamentarians, and I think taxpayers have a right to know,” she told Mansbridge.

Auditors are currently going over Wallin’s travel expense claims going back to January 2009, when she was first appointed to the Senate. It has been reported that Wallin has claimed about $350,000 in travel expenses since September 2010.

Wallin said she made mistakes on her claims for flights.

“I sign the documents, so I take responsibility,” the former journalist and diplomat said. “I take full responsibility for this. I should have gone over it with a fine-tooth comb as anybody should and make sure, but I just didn’t.”

“I was doing what I thought my job was — to not sit in Ottawa in an office, not sit in the Senate chamber always, but to be out there,” she said .

I think it’s clear that Wallin is not “resident in the Province for which (s)he (was) appointed”. Someone spending upwards of $400/day on travel and other expenses would be described as “nomadic”, not “resident” for one thing.

Logically, simply owning property somewhere does not make you a resident of that location. If Wallin can own property in both Saskatchewan and Ontario, what gives her Saskatchewan property the quality attributed to it as “residence”.

About the only thing Wallin has said on the matter is that she has “been fully cooperating with the auditor”, is ensuring every document is provided and “can’t really comment until this process is concluded.”

It is an explanation Wallin wouldn’t have found unacceptable as a journalist demanding answers on behalf of the public. Perhaps she should be reminded that standards haven’t changed.

Read more: http://www.leaderpost.com/entertainment/MANDRYK+Wallin+skip+expenses/8428525/story.html

Wallin at UofR
Pamela Wallin
“In recognition of her outstanding contributions to journalism and community and public service.”

Wallin recently quit the Porter board. Someone explained to me (but I haven’t been able to confirm) this is because her residence to sit on that board was listed as Toronto, ON, not Wadena, SK.

JUXTAPOSE: Liberal Senator jailed for phony travel expenses.

Former Liberal senator Raymond Lavigne has been sent to jail for breach of trust and defrauding the Senate of more than $10,000 in phoney travel expense claims.

Rathgeber Out of the Strong, Stable, National, Majority, Conservative Government

Who could forget Harper’s “strong, stable” majority comment during his victory speech in 2011 after his party swept to surprise power on a wave of election fraud supporting his party? Two years later, the Cons have lost disgraced Minister Penashue to a campaign overspending (and illegal contribution) crime for which he resigned (has not be charged yet), and was defeated in a recent by-election. Del Mastro, Fantino, Glover, Van Loan, Bezan, have also fallen under scrutiny since May 2, 2011 for serious campaign violations (and an admission from Van Loan’s campaign compliance agreement with Elections Canada). Senator Brazeau was fired from caucus. The Ray Boughen campaign is being highlighted by the Senator Wallin phony expense claim scandal. Senator Duffy is out of the Con Party for taking $90,000 from the disgraced PMO Chief of Staff Nigel Wright who just coincidentally happened to control A SECRET CPC SLUSH FUND!

DeLorey was asked: Is there any reason those funds could not have been used in the Duffy-Wright deal?

He replied: “No funds were used for that.”

MacDougall in the PMO was asked: Were any of these funds in any way connected to the Wright-Duffy deal?

He replied: “I can give you a clear, ‘No.’ The funds used were Mr. Wright’s personal funds.”

I trust those two guys as much as Stephen Harper likes Brent Rathgeber.

A Conservative Party spokesman [Fred DeLorey, director of communications] is now admitting that his party did recently make calls to Saskatchewan residents about electoral redistribution, after initially denying the party had anything to do with the calls.

UPDATE NEXT DAY: CPC now denies the fund even exists!

That popping sound you heard last night was Tony “Open Government” Clement’s head exploding from embarrassment.

Will Peter MacKay be the next to break off from the Conservative coalition? No, probably not. (Interesting note: The CPC is the only Canadian political party with the word “coalition” in its constitution. If you don’t know why, Peter MacKay could tell you.)

How “stable” is your majority feeling now, eh Harper?


Greenpeace Canada response to CEAP ads.

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Death of Finley, Fall of Duffy, Departure of Wallin #cdnpoli

There are still a few more shoes to drop in the cracking Conservative caucus, of that we can be sure.

Was the rapid change in the media’s (and public’s) perception of the Duffy residency scam suddenly stoked by the demise of Doug Finley in mid May? It seems like a remarkable coincidence that a central conspirator in the Conservative rise to power with the In & Out election fraud dies, then Nigel Wright who the DPP didn’t implicate in the scandal, even though the media did loosely, falls from apparent power in the PMO.

He’s yet to be accused of anything, but Stephen Harper’s new (Mar. 8, ’11) chief of staff is being dragged into a persistent controversy over whether the Conservatives deliberately exceeded spending limits in the 2006 election campaign.

Nigel Wright, who took over as the Prime Minister’s top aide in January, is listed in 2008 court documents that form part of the in-and-out scandal dogging the Tories.

An affidavit sworn by one of Elections Canada investigators identifies Mr. Wright as secretary for the Conservative Fund Canada during the period in question.
A senior official with the Harper government said Mr. Ignatieff was “reckless” in calling for Mr. Wright’s departure even though the Liberal couldn’t connect the aide to the advertising spending controversy.

Ignatieff would have saved the Conservatives some trouble, because Wright left in disgrace this week, after improperly gifting Duffy $90,000 to avoid scrutiny of an audit that was also being whitewashed by partisans in the Senate*.

How is Pamela Wallin, former CBC journalist, slipping under the media scorn radar right now? Is Duffy getting extra heat and attention because he’s taken a secret cheque with PMO agreement, to pay back stolen expenses, or because he is fat?

Is Wallin getting off the hook for also paying back money to avoid possessing public funds she was not eligible to claim, claiming obscene travel expenses, while living away from the jurisdiction she supposedly represents, because Toronto media is sympathetic to a previous host of The National? Or are they saving her to roast for later when Duffy is on his way to jail? Extend the pain for the Conservatives, and Harper, or let her get away?

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