Hackers Standing Up For WikiLeaks

Anonymous, the shadowy and informal group of professional and me-too hackers, has fought back against a security company devising ways for the US Government to subvert the usefulness of WikiLeaks. In this latest skirmish in the WikiLeaks cyberwar, Anonymous is the obvious victor. See what they did to this “security” company’s website: They made it serve up the company’s emails for everyone to download! Honestly, HB Gary doesn’t sound too different from the trolls that plotted how to libel Michael Moore over his movie Sicko. Except the HBGary trolls actually write malware (AKA Viruses) for the US government. Hey, it helps the economy to sell more antivirus software if there are more people paid to write viruses, right?

The unfortunate thing is that it’s not possible to pronounce “hbgary” so the public will quickly forget this instance of skulduggery. Another journalist who was the intended target of the US Gov’t attack, is no doubt firing back too. American citizens should be particularly outraged, as these trolls were trying to ensure that Bank of America gets away with its crimes.