Tile for Lost Items

I was thinking of getting a BLE sticker for my bike to be able to track it remotely if it was stolen, but Tile might work much better. It’ll create a lost&found spy network to make theft of property much more challenging for idiots who still try stealing tracking devices like iPhones these days.


Government Can Watch You Have Sex

Here’s how to let the NSA know when you’re having sex:

1.) Buy a Nike (or related) workout monitor, or keep your (smart) cell phone (or tablet) on your person or the soft surface where you are engaged in intercourse.
2.) Ensure the workout arm band or cell phone is turned on and uploading your statistics to the Net.

You’re done. You’re an accidental exhibitionist in the NSA’s all seeing electronic eyes.

I’ve described cell phones as “digital leashes” for spouses, for years. It’s not too far off from the truth, is it?

bike odo
-Not wired to the Internet, but uploaded anyway. Yes, there are privacy implications with this too.

iPhones have had apps available for years now, which track sleeping patterns based on bed movement, in order to set off an alarm to wake a person up at an ideal point in their sleep cycle. They do not all filter out bed movement from activities other than sleeping.
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Photography Is Not a Crime

The title was the shocking headline of this op-ed by PEN. “Uh, no kidding,” is the correct response. What’s disappointing is your image is taken everywhere by the state and businesses, but citizens are freaking out if other citizens or journalists have their images too? Free societies cannot allow their police to forcefully prevent people from filming, where they are filming citizens already (and feeding it into Trapwire too).

I’m someone who avoided an unjust (and later non-convicted for those charged) ticket, in part thanks to filming unconstitutional police action in Regina.

Watch this cop on a stretcher apparently swearing at a journalist, before his buddies put the photographer into a headlock and arrested him before fining him $65.

Know your rights:

Subject to certain very limited constraints, it is not a crime in Canada for anyone to do any of the following things, and it is a violation of their Charter rights to prevent anyone from doing so:
•photographing or filming in any public place, or in any private place to which the public is admitted, and publishing those pictures and films,
•taking pictures of or filming in any government site other than “restricted access areas”*
•photographing or filming police officers in public, as long as the photographer/filmmaker does not obstruct or interfere with the execution of police duties. While everyone has a reasonable expectation of privacy in certain circumstances, police officers have no reasonable expectation of privacy as they go about their duties.

A police officer does not have the right to confiscate cameras or recording equipment (including phones), unless the person in possession of such equipment is under arrest and such equipment is necessarily relevant to the alleged offence. A police officer cannot force anyone to show, unlock or decrypt cameras or recording equipment, or to delete images, even when that person is under arrest, unless the police officer has a warrant or a court order permitting him to do so.

PRISM: NSA Watching the Innocent

Technology and civil liberty experts knew PRISM was a very real possibility. I knew, and wrote about it last August. The National Security Agency (NSA) (star bad guy org. in the Will Smith movie Enemy of the State) has been collecting domestic Americans’ phone and Internet records since at least 2007. This activity is a clear violation of the American Constitution, and was overseen by Bush II, Obama, Al Franken, and other high level leaders who’ve betrayed the trust of Americans and broken the law.

Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME), who also serves on the Senate Intelligence Committee, told Bloomberg that the “[the] idea that a 29-year-old individual with so little experience” had access to the material Snowden did is “absolutely shocking.”

What’s shocking is Senator Collins, who is ignorant as sin. Seven years younger, and a year from a computer science degree, I had similar security clearance to Snowden (in Canada). Of course, I never saw the sort of gross violations of law observed by Snowden, and Canada at that time had an effective Commissioner designed to protect Canadians from secretive surveillance programs that ended up collecting intel from out-of-bounds citizens.

So what can you and I do? Give up Facebook and Skype? Don’t use a Verizon phone at either end of a conversation? Vote Republican? Vote Democrat? Vote Liberal? None of those options will protect you or enhance your life, so what can we do? The party system in the US, and Canada, is not protecting citizens from overbearing governments. The US surveillance state convinced supposed good-guys like Obama and Franken that the illegal spy scheme they inherited wasn’t worth exposing or even shutting down.

We first of all have to defend the people who leak evidence of crimes to responsible media like Glenn Greenwald who helped break this story into the international press.

People like Bradley Manning, and Ed Snowden are people who’ve done heroic things to uphold the highest laws of their country, while people more powerful than them try to use lesser laws to punish their actions.
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While You Were Sleeping

Have you committed a crime? No? You’re still in a police database somewhere. It’s not supposed to happen according to our laws, and according to American law, but it’s happening and it’s called TRAPWIRE. 9/11 is often the excuse used, but it’s actually simply the state using its latest tech toys in the most obvious way possible, which is why Orwell wrote fiction about it. It didn’t take a whole lot of imagination to dream up a world where our every move is government monitored. Yet you can expect that crime will not be eliminated in such a world.

When democracy is lost, and the power of the ballot box to bring change is gone, what’s left for oppressed people? Crime gets worse. People get desperate. It’s not an untested societal model, even if the technological pervasiveness of the state has not bee quite as acute. It’s not a country I want to see, let alone live in.

I can’t stop the slide into fascism that Canada is facing, not by myself. It took the Greatest Generation to defeat it previously, and it will take another generation to overcome again. Yet our tools of truth are under attack by governments, by our representatives. Well, they claim to represent the people, anyway.

It’s 2012. We don’t have flying cars, but we do all carry tracking devices (cell phones), and the state watches where we go in multiple ways. I think I’d rather have the flying cars, even given the naive pre-9/11 view that they’d not be used as missiles.
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