WikiLeaks: Assange Indicted, but for What?

The Stratfor intelligence company emails, leaked this week by WikiLeaks, have revealed that a private security agency has obtained classified information from the US Government (by the admission of Stratfor employees in emails they expected to remain confidential). It’s also revealed that Assange has a “secret” indictment against him, which is obviously not a democratic action by the USA.


After all our questions to the AU/US/UK/SW governments about US plans to prosecute #Assange, we have to find out in a #wikileaks release…

ADDED: Their press release condemning the US justice officials responsible for this travesty.

– Fairfax, a media agency that was working with 24 others, broke their agreement to release leaks in a coordinated fashion. So all Assange/Wikileaks emails pertaining to the Stratfor leak should be available soon.

Osama Bin Laden was in contact with Pakistani intelligence, prior to his death last year. How could Stratfor know this, and not inform the US Government, who would then inform Americans?

For more breaking scandals revealed by this release, see one summary of a few.

If I thought I could switch this dickhead off without getting done I don’t think I’d have too much of a problem.

BTW, close family friend in Sweden who knows the girl that is pressing charges tells me that there is absolutely nothing behind it other than prosecutors that are looking to make a name for themselves.

(Link to Anna Ardin added, assuming that’s “the girl” they are talking about)

WikiLeaks: Stratfor Just Heating Up #gifiles Israel and Iran

Besides monitoring the Yes Men, Amnesty International, and a swath of international media and activist organizations, Stratfor fancied itself as a superior intelligence agency, better than the FBI anyway. Here’s their Glossary entry for FBI:

Federal Bureau of Investigation, aka the Downtown Gang. Very good a breaking up used car rings. Kind of confused on anything more complicated. Fun to jerk with. Not fun when they jerk back.

Here are some clipped thoughts on the upcoming War in Iran (that is already underway to some extent):

On 11/14/11 9:10 AM, Fred Burton wrote:

Guerrilla actions behind enemy lines.

If we think the Izzies [Israelis] have set back waiting on Iran to create a bomb we are like the CIA with their inability to predict just about anything.

Check INSIGHT I posted last week that everyone discounted. How come if its not in OS we nash our teeth? Intelligence agencies exist to have sources. That is what we are.

From: “Chris Farnham”
To: “Alpha List”
Sent: Sunday, November 13, 2011 7:22:52 PM
Subject: Re: [alpha] S3/G3* ISRAEL/IRAN – Barak hails munitions
blast in Iran

I think the info that Fred sent in previously needs to be looked quite seriously here.

The insight seems like quite a stretch however it has been put out there for some reason or another and is now playing in to what we are seeing.

Insight below:

Source below was asked to clarify his remarks that the nuclear infrastructure had been destroyed. Source response:

Israeli commandos in collaboration with Kurd forces destroyed few underground facilities mainly used for the Iranian defense and nuclear research projects.

Despite the reports in the media and against any public knowledge, the promoter of a massive Israeli attack on Syria is the axis India-Russia-Turkey-Saudi Arabia. The axis US-Germany-France-China is against such an attack from obvious reasons. Not many people know that Russia is one of Israel’s largest military partners and India is Israel’s largest client.

If a direct conflict between Iran and Israel erupts, Russia and Saudi Arabia will gain the advantages on oil increasing prices. On the other hand, China and Europe are expected to loose [sic] from an oil crisis as a result of a conflict. Based on Israeli plans, the attack on Iran will last only 48 hours but will be so destructive that Iran will be unable to retaliate or recover and
the government will fall. It is hard to believe that Hamas or Hezbollah will try to get involved in this conflict.

In the open media many are pushing and expecting Israel to launch a massive attack on Iran. Even if the Israelis have the capabilities and are ready to attack by air, sea and land, there
is no need to attack the nuclear program at this point after the commandos destroyed a significant part of it.

If a massive attack on Iran happens soon, then the attack will have political and oil reasons and not nuclear. It is also very hard to believe that the Israelis will initiate an attack unless they act as a contractor for other nations or if Iran or its proxies attack first. With the revealed of the new UN report the Israelis have green light to take care of the Iranian proxies in
Gaza and Lebanon now with the entire world watching Iran. I think that we should expect escalations on these fronts rather than an Israeli attack on Iran.

On 11/7/11 8:09 AM, Chris Farnham wrote:
Ah, what? Israel has already destroyed the Iranian prog/infra and this is all being engineered by Europeans so people forget about the economy crisis?!

These people spell lose as loose, and Israelis as “Izzies”. Can we believe anything they say?

Read some background on these latest leaks.

WikiLeaks: Amp Up The Hype – Stratfor Spy Emails Exposed #gifiles

Now I can hardly wait until Monday (now in the UK), with a series of promotional tweets going up today. … And I don’t have to wait any longer! Stratfor emails are being exposed, for public review. Rolling Stone, and many other media sources will be publishing juicy leaks this week.

Over 25 media organizations working in silence for months ahead of tomorrow. How´s that for self discipline? Good work everyone.

Everyone should follow the WikiLeaks twitter feed closely. Extraordinary news sometime in the next 96 hours.


Glossary for Stratfor is hilarious. They have a Blown Op, and a Board. Check out how they defind the FBI:
Federal Bureau of Investigation, aka the Downtown Gang. Very good a breaking up used car rings. Kind of confused on anything more complicated. Fun to jerk with. Not fun when they jerk back.

Ha Ha!
Some jerking back is going to take place, me thinks. HA HA!

And here’s a solid [and long] description of why it’s important to support WikiLeaks, instead of the corrupted governments who oppose the greatest advance in journalism in decades.

The illegal banking blockade run by Visa, Mastercard, eBay/PayPal, and the US State Department is exposed for its blatant hypocrisy, thanks to Crikey. News Corp published Top Secret cable details, and its reporters did illegal hacking to obtain information for other stories. WikiLeaks has only ever published Secret cables, and publishes leaks, it doesn’t steal information from sources because it relies on ethical people at source companies and governments to leak the dirt instead.

A controversial media outlet headed by a high-profile Australian is alleged to have obtained highly sensitive government information – information that may cost lives – via computer. The outlet is believed to have obtained a range of personal and governmental data with the potential to embarrass some of the most powerful people in the world. It is alleged to have engaged in systematic criminal activity in pursuit of information.

What do Visa and Mastercard, the massive financial intermediaries upon whom the outlet depends, do in response?

If it’s WikiLeaks, they slap a financial embargo on it that strangles the outlet’s lifeblood of donations.

Mastercard this week confirmed it would be maintaining its blockade of WikiLeaks. “The WikiLeaks decision was complex and one that we did not take without due consideration – and our position has not changed,” David Masters, the company’s vice-president of Strategy and Corporate Affairs told Crikey.

If it’s Rupert Murdoch’s News International, they do nothing. Not even when News International admits its employees were guilty of computer hacking, or its executives admit misleading the UK courts about it.

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