Harper Government Is a “Porn Spy”

The last Parl. Sec. for Stephen Harper is being charged with election fraud. The present one isn’t a bright bulb either.

Calandra appears to be confusing the Greenwald story of the NSA spying on the porn habits of those it seeks to smear, and attributing the muckraking NSA’s behaviour to a respected journalist who’s exposed nasty habits of the Harper Government’s spook allies.

WASHINGTON — The National Security Agency has been gathering records of online sexual activity and evidence of visits to pornographic websites as part of a proposed plan to harm the reputations of those whom the agency believes are radicalizing others through incendiary speeches, according to a top-secret NSA document. The document, provided by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, identifies six targets, all Muslims,

The Harper regime is on the offensive after having their illegal blanket spying of Canadians’ movements in airports revealed.


I’d wondered why the USA wasn’t chasing after draft dodgers still.

My respect for Carter went up when I learned this.

Obama could redeem some of his failing popularity if he stood up to the NSA spy machine and pardoned Chelsea Manning, Edward Snowden, among other whistle blowers of illegal American spying programs aimed at American citizens.

PRISM: Telcos Violating Privacy

It apparently doesn’t matter if the Canadian spy agencies don’t spy on Canadians. To be clear though, the Ed Snowden leaks make it clear that they do spy on us.

Canada’s intelligence agency deliberately kept the country’s Federal Court “in the dark” to bypass the law in order to outsource its spying on Canadian citizens abroad to foreign security agencies, a federal judge said.

Federal Court Judge, Richard Mosley, has slammed the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) for knowingly misleading him on numerous occasions.

Why does a telephone company get charged with paying $21,000 for breaching privacy, but CSIS and CSEC continue to violate all Canadians privacy in similarly damaging manners? Why the double standard in law enforcement?

ADDED: If you need me to explain why these two privacy stories go together, let me know.
1.) Canada cloud haven? The NSA is supposed to spy on non-Americans.
2.)CSEC admits it spies on Canadians “incidentally”.

Obama’s NSA is the East German Stasi of our time

German leader flat out states that Obama’s government is little better than the East German Stasi.

“In an angry exchange with Barack Obama, Angela Merkel has compared the snooping practices of the US with those of the Stasi, the ubiquitous and all-powerful secret police of the communist dictatorship in East Germany, where she grew up.

The German chancellor also told the US president that America’s National Security Agency cannot be trusted because of the volume of material it had allowed to leak to the whistleblower Edward Snowden, according to the New York Times.

Livid after learning from Der Spiegel magazine that the Americans were listening in to her personal mobile phone, Merkel confronted Obama with the accusation: “This is like the Stasi.””

#cdnpoli Spying On You

The G20 scandal just got broader. Besides Canadian police massively violating protester’s rights, the NSA appears to have been assisted by CSEC to illegally spy on Canadians in Ontario for the G20.

Remember the Fake Lake? Maybe it was a giant cover for an underwater spy base? No, of course it wasn’t, that’s silly. What is real though is the Prime Minister refusing to get or give honest answers about which laws were broken by our signals intelligence organization.

The office of Prime Minister Stephen Harper is declining to comment on allegations that Canadian authorities allowed a U.S. intelligence agency to spy on dozens of delegates during the 2010 G8 and G20 summits held in Canada.

The allegations are once again shining a light on Canada’s involvement in spying on world leaders, as previously leaked documents revealed that Canadian authorities have participated in similar espionage in the past.

The new allegations are contained in top secret documents retrieved by American whistleblower Edward Snowden that were obtained by the CBC, and outlined in a report Wednesday.

The documents, according to the CBC, show that American authorities used the U.S. Embassy in Ottawa as a command post for the National Security Agency to conduct a spy operation that was approved by Canadian authorities during the summits held in Toronto and Huntsville, Ont. NSA briefing notes, according to the report, described the plan as “closely co-ordinated with the Canadian partner.” It’s alleged that the “partner” is the Communication Security Establishment of Canada.

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He Called Himself a Journalist – UPDATED

The Independent got a black eye today from a former editor who shamelessly confessed to being an authoritarian.

Blackhurst, in explaining why he would never have allowed his newspaper to publish any of the documents from NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, actually wrote:

If the security services insist something is contrary to the public interest, and might harm their operations, who am I (despite my grounding from Watergate onwards) to disbelieve them?”

Most people, let alone journalists, would be far too embarrassed to admit they harbor such subservient, obsequious sentiments.

Greenwald sums up:

But it does still surprise me when people calling themselves “journalists” openly admit to thinking this way. But when they do so, they do us a service, as it lays so vividly bare just how wide the gap is between the claimed function of establishment journalists and the actual role they fulfill.

Caution about The Guardian*. While they may be publishing Greenwald right now, I don’t expect that to go on forever. Blackhurt gives a clue as to why:

The former Labour cabinet minister was incandescent with rage. […]
I was puzzled as to why she would be so angry – normally she and The Guardian would be of one mind.

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PRISM: Not Authorized

Does it drive you crazy how laws don’t apply to the anointed ones?

Multiple Obama anointed officials leaked official thoughts to the media anonymously. No one in the Main Stream Media is calling for their head on a platter.

The officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity before the order was released because they were not authorized to speak publicly,

Compared with Ed Snowden who the Obama government has launched an unprecedented international manhunt for:

Officials described it as the formal order underlying the directive that was disclosed in June by Snowden, who is accused of leaking classified information about surveillance programs.

Gregory wants the WaPo locked up too?

When the illegal cat is out of the bag, might as well fess up, eh Clapper?


Meanwhile, American hero Bradley Manning awaits an unjust sentence for revealing US war crimes like the slaughter of civilians and journalists from a helicopter gunship in Iraq.


The US attempted to get Snowden’s Dad to go to Russia.

WikiLeaks: Suspected Snowden Plane Grounded & Embassy Bugged

Assange blasted Obama today for lying about his government’s interest in capturing Edward Snowden, the celebrated whistle-blower who exposed Obama’s administration as spying on all Americans (and the rest of the world). The plane of the Bolivian president was denied flight into previously friendly countries and diverted to Austria for an unexpected search!

Topping off the madness of the American President, was news that a listening bug was discovered in the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

Clapper admits to misleading Congress, but claims it was an innocent mistake. What a tool, eh?

Being Insulted By Cheney Is An Honour

It bothers me that American media doesn’t preface interviews with Dick Cheney by pointing out he’s evaded charges for war crimes (re: Iraq War). It does please me that Snowden has had a chance to respond to Cheney’s hypocritical rebuke of Snowden’s epic NSA PRISM leak.

Cheney and Bush started spying on Americans prior to 9/11, according to court documents. It didn’t prevent 9/11. 2007’s PRISM didn’t prevent the overblown [no pun intended] Boston Bombing.

In 2007 the Denver Post reported:
“”Nacchio suggested that the NSA sought phone, Internet and other customer records from Qwest in early 2001. When he refused to hand over the information, the agency retaliated by not granting lucrative contracts to the Denver-based company, he claimed.””
Other sources corroborate the former CEO’s allegations, which were made in the course of his legal defense against insider trading charges.

The lying, and hiding NSA came out to spread more lies.

Addressing the most basic questions that have emerged, Rogers asked Alexander if intelligence workers have the ability to simply “flip a switch” in order to listen to phone calls or read the emails of Americans.

When Alexander replied “no,” Rogers asked again to reinforce the message for anyone listening.

“So the technology does not exist for any individual or group of individuals at the NSA to flip a switch to listen to Americans’ phone calls or read their e-mails?” he repeated.

“That is correct,” Alexander answered.

He and others also asserted that the leaks were egregious and carry huge consequences for national security.

“I think it was irreversible and significant damage to this nation,” Alexander said when questioned by Rep. Michele Bachmann.

“Has this helped America’s enemies?” the conservative Minnesota Republican asked.

“I believe it has and I believe it will hurt us and our allies,” Alexander said.

Challenge someone to explain how revealing details of what is commonly available in news stories for years, compromises signals intelligence (SIGINT).

President Barack Obama has defended the programs as necessary in an era of terror.

An era of terror? CNN, did Obama actually say that? That’s ridiculous! People are terrorized and killed by cancer and drunk drivers, not ‘terrorists’. What people need to be worried about is an American government that has brazenly abandoned the Rule of Law, and any pretense of respect for the Constitution.

PRISM: NSA Watching the Innocent

Technology and civil liberty experts knew PRISM was a very real possibility. I knew, and wrote about it last August. The National Security Agency (NSA) (star bad guy org. in the Will Smith movie Enemy of the State) has been collecting domestic Americans’ phone and Internet records since at least 2007. This activity is a clear violation of the American Constitution, and was overseen by Bush II, Obama, Al Franken, and other high level leaders who’ve betrayed the trust of Americans and broken the law.

Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME), who also serves on the Senate Intelligence Committee, told Bloomberg that the “[the] idea that a 29-year-old individual with so little experience” had access to the material Snowden did is “absolutely shocking.”

What’s shocking is Senator Collins, who is ignorant as sin. Seven years younger, and a year from a computer science degree, I had similar security clearance to Snowden (in Canada). Of course, I never saw the sort of gross violations of law observed by Snowden, and Canada at that time had an effective Commissioner designed to protect Canadians from secretive surveillance programs that ended up collecting intel from out-of-bounds citizens.

So what can you and I do? Give up Facebook and Skype? Don’t use a Verizon phone at either end of a conversation? Vote Republican? Vote Democrat? Vote Liberal? None of those options will protect you or enhance your life, so what can we do? The party system in the US, and Canada, is not protecting citizens from overbearing governments. The US surveillance state convinced supposed good-guys like Obama and Franken that the illegal spy scheme they inherited wasn’t worth exposing or even shutting down.

We first of all have to defend the people who leak evidence of crimes to responsible media like Glenn Greenwald who helped break this story into the international press.

People like Bradley Manning, and Ed Snowden are people who’ve done heroic things to uphold the highest laws of their country, while people more powerful than them try to use lesser laws to punish their actions.
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