SaskTel’s email bait and switch

After offering free email since the 1990s, to start charging per email account is an absurd insult to customers and should probably be illegal. The problem is the provincial government who could potentially do something about it, is hoping to sell off the crown corp, so they won’t do something to keep it affordable and popular.

Bandwidth Capped? Consider Canada Post!

With the Conservatives in power in Canada, we’ve had several changes to daily life and taxation. Our GST went down 2%, saving me $160/year if I spend $8000 on taxable goods and services. Our Income Taxes went up in the same time span (and I had the pay stubs online in 2006 to prove it). The Conservatives giveth, and with the other hand taketh away. The Internet they manage at arms length is not much different.

Most people would agree that it costs money to operate the Internet, and to have Internet service at home. During the last 5 years, it’s become more expensive to use the Internet to move large amounts of data, than to use Canada Post! You could say that it a failure on the Conservative’s behalf to keep home utility costs down.

UPDATE Feb. 3, ’11 – The Conservatives have decided to overrule the CRTC. Funny they haven’t done that with the false-news station Sun TV or Fox News North as it’s more commonly known. Canada takes a step back, and the Conservatives actually preserved the status quo for a change and responded to public opinion. Shocking really.

Some Saskatchewanians may not bat an eye at all this Bell telco nonsense, but it’s coming here too, mark my words. Access Comm has had bandwidth caps (throttling instead of charging per/GB extra), but right now SaskTel does not. That will change, if Canadians don’t take a stand now.


Meanwhile Egypt had its bandwidth essentially set at 0, and there’s nothing wrong there. They are way ahead of America though, which has yet to enable their Internet Kill Switch.

Luther College tour video ; Cell Phones in Canada

Luther College tour video is pretty funny and well done. It’s more polished in some areas than the one I did with fellow Lutherites in 2003.


Cell phone use is replacing landlines very slowly in Canada, because there are not many cheap cell phone plans available here. The United States has a much higher rate of landline phone discontinuance. I’ve not replaced my land line, it serves 3 adults. One has no cell phone, I have a prepaid cell only, and one had a cell phone on a SaskTel plan. I do not buy both number and name display, saving about $3.80/m. SaskTel recently raised it’s 911 fee, and added a system fee of about 21 cents too, which is clearly done as a way to gouge customers while working around some CRTC restriction in over billing. The government should be paying for the 911 fee too, it’s not a SaskTel service.

Blog still down ; Conservative Credibility Not Sustained by Facts

“That evidence and the suggestion that every single Taliban prisoner that was taken into custody and turned over was tortured is simply not credible and cannot be sustained by facts.”

I wonder what was said by the government following the revelations of torture in 1993? Makes you wonder why Colvin would stake his reputation on something “not credible” nor “sustained by facts”.

To MacKay, your definition of “torture” is probably dependent upon what your definition of ‘is’ is.


UPDATE: Of course there was “sometorture.


Cell phone providers in Canada can go take a long hike off a short plank. System Access Fee my behind. And “local” TV ads running on CTV etc. right now should be illegal for the same reason; it’s a giant monopoly using our money to tell us we shouldn’t have competition in media.

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Your prepaid cell phone webpage here contains 0 useful information. Do you have a page with actual rates so I can compare them to a contract? If not, I’ll stay with my current cell provider.
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I want a cell phone contract with Telus, Bell, Rogers, or SaskTel like I want a sexually transmitted infection. Sure, lots of people have them, but they are about each as good for a person.