Plastic Is Out of Hand

Plastic almost always ends up as waste within a year or two of its production. We’re making too much of it also, at an increasing pace.

“Of the 8.3 billion metric tonnes of virgin plastics ever made, half was made just in the last 13 years,” Geyer said. “Between 2004 and 2015 we made as much plastic as we made between 1950 and 2004.”

It’s sick. The problem is accelerating. We need to ban plastic bags in grocery stores in Regina, as a local starting point to fight the problem.


Letter to Councilor Regarding Regina Recycling

Regina has no curb-side recycling program in place. Residents can pay $93/yr for a private recycler to pick up by-weekly.

Hi Louis [Browne],
I hope you had a good Summer.

Assuming Regina makes 1/4 as much waste as Edmonton, we should get $2,000,000 to employ people who sort/sell trash at our landfill.

I’ve been realizing some of this salvaging potential for years at the dumpster instead of at the landfill, but there’s no reason the city can’t do it too, and Edmonton is proving it for me. While council is dickering over the curbside plan for single family homes, there are still hundreds of dumpsters going to the landfill each week that need sorting to realize the benefits seen in Edmonton. It means potentially dozens of green jobs that you could create within months.


P.S. In addition to this project, the City could also promote collaborative consumption as realized through websites like, Free Cycle, Full Circle,, etc., as places for people to trade and sell their unwanted, but usable materials.

Mac Sauce

Road Apple iPod
I was walking home a few weeks ago, and found an iPod on the road. It had been run over by at least one vehicle, making it inoperable, unfortunately. Good bye black 16GB iPod Nano now a Road Apple. I recycled it.

When I went home in the Winter, my iPad was too cold to hold. I was encouraged to put it into my parents’ oven, which is heated by a pilot light. A few minutes later, my iPad was warm. Mmm, warm Apple pad.

More on Recycling Scandal in Saskatchewan

Brad Wall has talked a big game when it comes to the province being a free marketplace for business, but in some very visible ways his government has done the exact opposite. The most famous instance now was the interference in the Potash Corp. takeover by BHP. However, the Sask Party has also put its full backing behind SARCAN and SWEEP, which are crushing the market for free enterprise recyclers in the province. Sweep is run essentially by forces outside of Saskatchewan, yet sets a tax on electronics we purchase here and abroad. It is also prohibiting

The following was shared with MLAs of Saskatchewan, and was given to me too:

Page 1
Nov 5, 2010.
For the past several years, spanning two political administrations, our company Second Time Office Equipment has fought for a level playing field with equal opportunity for ours and other similar businesses in the electronic recycling industry. Our company is restricted by gov’t regulation and cannot sell new electronics legally in Saskatchewan. Our company is further restricted and cannot compete in a free market because the SWEEP monopoly decides who may or may not be paid as a collector, consolidator or recycler/processor. Premier Brad Wall is quoted, “Canada works.” Our question, “Does Saskatchewan work?” Is Saskatchewan open for business?

Executive Summary

This briefing is to supplement information provided to elected members of the legislature. A representative of Enterprise Saskatchewan, will make a presentation to the Caucus Committee on Economic Development on Nov 15th. Both Alberta and the Ontario operate their e-waste stewardship programs on a competitive free enterprise model. The NDP created a monopoly and granted SWEEP the power to collect and administer
the Environmental Handling Fees without conditions and accountability. In actual fact, they left a “poison pill” for the Saskatchewan Party to swallow. Our company has met and corresponded with many Saskatchewan Party MLA’s and Environment Critics who have spoke out against this monopoly insisting a competitive free enterprise model would be implemented and aligned with the Party free enterprise philosophy. Over the course of the last few years, we have witnessed the governing party flip flopping on major SWEEP issues with the politicians saying one thing and the bureaucrats relaying the opposite information. Approaching the election year, we find it ominous the opposition is approaching our company trying to ferret out information.

Enterprise Saskatchewan has made a very significant investment in time and money to
hire a third party independent consultant to review and make recommendations for a
solution that would allow for-profit and non-profit entities to co-exist and work in
harmony. Although Second Time Office Equipment has not seen the Consultants Report,
we have been led to believe and are confident the report contains a number of
recommendations that will address a large number of issues detailed below. We are
asking you to review this material and lend us your support. The integrity of the
Saskatchewan Party and the survival of our business rests on your shoulders.
We invite you to drop by our family business to discuss the issues. Our company offers
total transparency. You may review all the documents and correspondence we have on
file so you can verify all the information contained in this briefing. You are asked to
respond by e-mail with any comments and questions you have to or
telephone us at 721-7863.
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Saskatchewan Recycling

A new Facebook group has popped up, to protest SARCAN’s direct-to-destruction recycling of working electronic waste (e-waste) items.

I don’t like the look of the new ads, and the billboards are hard to read. I’m all for puns in advertising, but I don’t think most people could identify what the point of the ad is.

Please, don’t be blaming Sarcan for recycling ewaste.

SWEEP was DIRECTED by ‘government’ to use SARCAN’s 71 collection depots to collect ewaste. There was NO PUBLIC tender for this contract. The Government of the day then was the NDP.

It has been SWEEP’s standard policy that SARCAN collect all EOLE (End of Life Electronics). Note the KEY words: END OF LIFE ELECTRONICS, meaning, whatever you give to SARCAN, it will be destroyed! EOLE by definition IS electronics that are beyond all use, including re-use, or re-use of components, parts, or even as as a whole unit.

SARCAN’s job is to collect all ewaste destined for distruction. THAT is what SWEEP hired them to do.

Now please note: SARCAN is not the villain here. SARCAN’s workforce has certain limitations (some physical, some mental) that preclude their ewaste collection system from providing a full Three R recycling system. SARCAN’s workforce limitations require a very simple work flow process that requires little skills of staff that require very little training. So, to be clear here, SARCAN is VERY good at collecting stuff for complete and utter destruction. Again, that is the job SWEEP hired them to do.

Did you know, it’s not SARCAN who pays for the SWEEP it to SARCAN ads. Its SWEEP. SWEEP foots the entire bill for those ads. SARCAN gets the benefit of all that advertising for free. Heck, if I was a community based non-profit operation like SARCAN, I sure would appreciate $200,000 or more dollars in annual advertising advising the sheeple of Saskatchewan to bring me all their EOLE electronics too. I can’t blame SARCAN for those ads, they don’t pay for them, so they don’t get a say in how they are written. SWEEP pays for and produces those ads.

SWEEP said in their program submitted and APPROVED by the Environment Minister, that in ORDER of DESCENDING PREFERENCE: RE-USE of electronics was to be SWEEP’s Primary method of dealing with ewaste. THE FINAL and last option for waste electronics was to recycle them (destroy them).

Here, read SWEEP’s environmental plan and communication’s plan for yourself. I’ve managed to get my hands on an original copy of the application to the Minister and uploaded it here: Have a look at Section 5 (2).

So, I ask you, is SWEEP following their plan? How many SWEEP ads have you seen promoting RE-USE of electronics? How many ads have you seen SWEEP produce advising the citizens of Saskatchewan where they can take their reusable electronics to?

Perhaps at some point SARCAN asked SWEEP, ‘you know, maybe we should look into why we are crushing reusable electronics, and perhaps you might want to consider promoting a 4R recycler like Second Time Office Equipment?’. Perhaps. I hope, ‘perhaps’. I know, I have asked that very question of the Head of SWEEP, and of the Department of Environment, many times. But, perhaps its time you, the general public began to ask too.

Maybe someone would like ask the head of SWEEP WHY they only promote SWEEP it to SARCAN, and not, Reduce, reuse, and then finally recycle?

In whose best interests is it that reusable electronics be destroyed?

Hmm, might be an interesting time to look at how many recycling operations have been involved in the creation of SWEEP. What’s that, oh ya! NONE!

Why is it that SWEEP has been allowed to needlessly recycle useful electronics? Who is responsible for administration of SWEEP? Who created the regulation that brought in the existence of SWEEP? If you look from today back, responsible parties come from BOTH sides of the Legislature, so you can’t say its purely a Left – Right issue.

So, I’m very happy folks have finally caught onto what I have been saying very publicly for four years. But, at the same time, I want the world to know WHO is responsible for this mess.

I think perhaps we should have a public investigation into this program and find out WHY free enterprise companies like mine are EXCLUDED from participation.

Second Time Office Equipment has NEVER had issues with SARCAN’s participation in the ewaste industry, we have had SEVERE differences of opinion over the issue that ONLY SARCAN is compensated for collection, transportation, and consolidation of ewaste. All we have ever asked for is a fair and level playing field in which free enterprise receives the same compensation and incentives for ewaste recycling as our competitors do.

If you want your end of life electronics totally destroyed and recycled, SARCAN are the folks for that. If you want your electronics evaluated for re-use, reused, any useful/marketable parts reused, and anything beyond use properly and responsibly recycled, Second Time Office Equipment is the company for that.

Thank you.

Darcy Moen
CIO of Second Time Office Equipment.

Every working e-waste item you divert from SARCAN to Second Time Office Equipment has a second chance at being used. This reduces overall consumption, and avoids putting toxic [and recyclable] ewaste into our landfills.