ConCalls: I’ll Be Gone For Christmas

I’ll be around, but justice will be working on its homework, and set to deliver their assignment about 600 days late. Marks may be deducted for lack of punctuality. The criminally guilty get a second Christmas on the wrong side of jail cell bars.

Some polls besides Ekos clearly show that fraud calls happened across the country. As EC released warnings about the calls, reports for the calls may have dropped, as potential complainants would possibly be aware that EC was working on the investigation. Their trust may have been misplaced, as the story surged into the spotlight nine months later as being unsolved and unpunished. It remains unpunished today, despite being partially solved.

Harper said most complaints only surfaced after the election, suggesting they come from sore losers.

“As I have become aware, apparently Elections Canada received virtually none of these complaints during the campaign outside of Guelph, but now it is receiving all of these complaints nine months after the election,” he said during daily question period.

However, some complaints were filed before the May 2 vote.

David Bertschi, the Liberal candidate in Ottawa-Orleans, filed a complaint with Elections Canada in the midst of the election campaign, on April 19, 2011. Bertschi said the complaint detailed live, harassing calls received by about 35 voters in the riding.

“We complained before the election so the sore loser moniker doesn’t apply,” he said in an interview.

The callers purported to be calling on behalf of Bertschi’s campaign but then aggressively questioned those who indicated they were inclined to vote Liberal. They would call back repeatedly on the same day, with each call becoming progressively more aggressive, Bertschi said.

He supplied Elections Canada with the names of those who’d received the calls. He said the agency got back to him asking for more evidence, including tape recordings of the calls, which he could not provide.

Later in the campaign, Bertschi said some Orleans voters also complained of receiving robocalls falsely advising them that the location of their polling stations had changed. He did not file a separate complaint with Elections Canada on those calls.

Four percent (4%) of Canadians – which amounts to roughly one million adult Canadians most of whom are in Ontario, ‘strongly agree’ that in the last federal election they received a call that deliberately tried to confuse them about the polling station at which they were to vote.

Democracy was attacked by Conservative-backing mystery people with access to robodialers and call centres. If prosecutors and judges don’t take this kind of crime seriously, then Canada is no longer a free country with fair elections.


F-35: Thirty Five ways to Fail

MacKay has implicated the whole CPC cabinet as being complicit in an attempt to deceive voters prior to last year’s election as to the true cost of new fighter jets.

Another unprecedented situation where every [then] cabinet minister of the government should resign for misleading Parliament (and thus lying to Canadians). What percentage of the ~25% of Canadians who voted Conservative, now feel a little stupid for supporting such blatant liars and manipulators? More importantly, have they learned their lesson?

Is the only way for countries to buy into the F-35 is to lie to people, because it’s such an underwhelming product?

ConCalls: The NDP and Liberals were #RoboConned

A spokesman for the Conservative Party attacked Frank Graves, the head of Ekos, for donating to the Liberals in the past.
“Frank Graves … is the same pollster who predicted an NDP government last year,” Fred Delorey said in an email to CBC News.

Oh, sorry Fred. If Frank had only known to factor in the illegal, conspiracy to suppress the votes of non-Conservative voters in his calculations, he would have been able to predict what happened instead? The irony is, Frank was right. He predicted a future that we’ll never know in this dimension, thanks to the success of illegal, vote suppressing robocalls.
Extrapolating Ekos’s findings to 200 ridings cheated of a clean election:
If the NDP hadn’t been RoboConned, Jack Layton would presumably have been the Prime Minister last year.

“EKOS (and especially pollster Frank Graves) was severely criticized and maligned after the election for his (at the time, incorrect) seat projections. Turns out he was much closer to what should’ve been the actual outcome than most people will give him credit for. He was well within the margin of error. Frank and EKOS were right all along — their prediction models saw this coming before it even happened. Kudos.” ~Brian-Michel LaRue

“I can’t believe anyone would ever take [Graves] seriously. But, as you know, we don’t comment on polls so I won’t say more.”

Delorey says the party will defend the results of the elections and that he’s confident the court will dismiss the application.

“This is a transparent attempt to overturn certified election results simply because this activist group doesn’t like them,” he said.

Every action and official comment by Ottawa Conservatives in the RoboCalls election fraud, have pointed to guilt. They aren’t acting like they are innocent and are trying to get to the bottom of this. If they were, they’d hear and graciously accept the overwhelming evidence presented to them that there were tens of thousands of illegal calls made during last general election. They’d hear that these took place in 200 ridings, according to the Elections Canada CEO. They’d want to make sure it doesn’t happen again by inquiring why nearly 12 months have passed with no charges being laid thus far, not even in Guelph where the most publicly gathered/visible evidence is now. The lack of this enthusiasm for justice for whoever the culprits are, betrays their guilt.

Are the Council of Canadians transparently trying to overturn certified election results that turned out to be the result only after demonstrable illegal actions in those ridings? Yes. Should they like the fraudulently tainted election result? No! Why do Fred DeLorey, and the Conservatives like, and defend, the fraudulent results when they are in possession of stolen seats? Honest people want to know the results of clean elections, even if it means a little self sacrifice.

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ConCalls: Non-Conservatives Targeted, Poll Confirms

A “statistically significant” number of non-Conservative voters were targeted by illegal robocalls before and during last year’s general election. A well known polling firm, EKOS was hired to determine samples of people in both ridings known to have got robocalls, and in ridings unsuspected of targeted voter suppression. Liberals and NDP voters were “3 to 4 times” more likely to have got illegal phone calls than Conservative voters.

Only 6.9% of Conservative supporters in the ridings in question reported receiving a call directing them to the wrong polling station late in the campaign, while 29.5% of Liberal supporters say they received such a call, many after having received a voter-identification call.

The poll was a random sample of 3,297 Canadians in the seven ridings and is considered to be accurate to within plus or minus 1.7 percentage points, 19 times out of 20.

Because of the risk of opposition supporters “over-remembering” receiving calls directing them to the wrong polling station, Graves used a control group of 1,500 respondents in other ridings, where there were no allegations of misleading calls. Only 14.3% of Liberal supporters in those ridings reported receiving misleading calls.

There’s no way that voters in the seven ridings named in the legal challenge would be making up stories at a higher rate than voters in other ridings, said Graves.

“It just stretches the thing beyond any possible plausibility,” he said. “That just didn’t happen.”
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Paint a Rosy Picture

Murray Mandryk is concerned there may be no “real opposition” in the coming legislature. I’m not surprised that there won’t be. The Green Party of Sask. has been campaigning on that expression, and that has probably not been noted in Mandryk’s paper or elsewhere in the SK media. The fiction presented to the SK people throughout the campaign, with the help of the Sask Party and SK NDP, has been that this is a two-way race, when really it’s a democracy with 6 parties, and an independent candidate. Every voter has at least three options on their ballot, but every breath from the media is Sask Party vs. NDP. The silent message from our journalists is that the Greens are not fit to be considered.

The “real opposition” to the governing parties of the last 20 years is the Green Party of Saskatchewan, they are the clearly rising party of the province, while the Liberals and the NDP are in sharp declines. Perfectly fit or otherwise, that’s the decision of the electorate, who is getting incomplete information from the media. Unfair media coverage during an election is regulated by the Elections Act, because it’s well known that the media impacts perceptions about political parties. If a party isn’t given a fair shake by journalists, they are quickly dismissed by others, rightly or wrongly.

When the media ignores the real opposition, and picks a failing party to go head to head with the widely popular Wall persona, why do you think the Sask Party is polling as having an easy cruise to a blowout majority? Link’s reputation has been ruined not only by his actions, but by a well funded smear campaign run against him in the run-up to the election. Wall’s reputation has people buzzing about him being in line for Conservative Party leader (Prime Minister). Making the campaign NDP vs. Sask Party delayed the Greens, Liberals, and PC’s chances to 4 years from now, and harmed the democracy in our province.

Additionally, if the NDP are reduced to 1 seat or less, the criteria for the TV Leaders Debate again will change. Unless the TV producers are okay with having Brad Wall debate himself, while taking single questions from hopeful opposition leaders and premiers-in-waiting. Move the goal posts; you’re good at it TV consortium!

How Would You Vote?

According to the latest poll, 3 in 10 Canadians would vote for Stephen Harper’s party. 3 in 10 Canadians would vote for Michael Ignatieff’s party. 1 in 10 would vote for Jack Layton’s party. 1 in 10 would vote for Elizabeth May’s party. 1 in 10 would vote for Gilles Duceppe’s party.

And past results show that 4 in 10 Canadians don’t vote. Would those 4 in 10 kindly all be Conservative voters next time? I’d even settle for 2 from the Conservatives, and 2 from the Liberals to stay home. Then we’d have a functional minority Parliament, with a working coalition worked out amongst the elected “losers”*.

*Stephen Harper’s word for a coalition, not mine.