Trudeau’s Broken Reform Promise

At the Parliamentary Committee I spoke at, I told Nathan Cullen I was disappointed he wasn’t running for the NDP leadership.

Global really holds the Liberals feet to the fire in this report.

“Trudeau says consultations have made it clear that Canadians are not interested in a new electoral system.”

Here’s that video, with me and others commenting. Minister Goodale wasn’t available for comment, apparently.

ConCalls – Globe & Mail Should Blush

IMG_9174There are days I worry that the Globe and Mail is unfit for birds to poop on it. If their endorsement of the Harper Conservatives prior to last year’s electoral fraud riddled election wasn’t enough of a credibility hit, there’s their more recently published Ibbitson column claiming Harpercons wouldn’t openly lie. I don’t think Ibbitson’s latest reversal makes up for that, because it’s not only the Conservatives’ reputation that has been shot to pieces by fighter jets.

Dave reminded me of how disappointed I am in the Globe and Mail. He thought of the same Ibbitson column, but put it in relation to the F-35 lies that are flying faster and more furious than any vapourware JSF jet. (hyperlinks added are my additions):

Remember when Ibbitson wrote this about Harper and others in relation to electoral fraud in the last federal election?

As a general rule, politicians never openly lie, because the consequences of being caught in one just aren’t worth it. (Think Watergate, Monica Lewinsky.) Neither of these men would take that risk.

We have absolutely no further reason to accept that premise in any way. Harper is a liar; his minister of national defence is a liar; his associate minister of national defence is a liar; and his minister of public works is a liar.

Hands up if you think Harper didn’t know about the voter suppression effort in May 2011. Because he says he didn’t?

Right. Thought so.

The only people worse than liars in power, are those who defend them (while entrusted with the media’s role to defend Canadians). Well, the liars are maybe worse. Can we agree they are both worthy of our scorn?
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Roger Clemens Should be President

Day 12 Padres

If you lie to Congress, make sure you’re the President; Then it’s okay. If you’re just some former Blue Jays baseball pitcher, then watch out, you’re going to jail.

If you’re mislead into lying to Congress unwittingly, you get an award. Maybe Clemens can claim that he was duped?

Roger Clemens = new way to trend in top spot on Twitter: Get charged with a crime while being a sports celebrity!