Russian Chelyabinsk Meteorite Injures People – UPDATED

Shocking, exciting news from Russia early this morning as coincidentally [because they were on different orbits reports CBC Radio] on the same day a major 50m asteroid (2012 DA14) is set to fly by Earth, a meteorite has struck Russia. Reports are that there are injuries, which have been very rare for meteorite impacts until now.

The camera person nearly lost their poop. Sonic boom of doom, anyone?

[UPDATE: dead link youtube

One of my dreams in life is to shoot a video at least this awesome, of a fireball.

UPDATES: So many incredible videos!
Here’s a dash cam from this site.

A lot of unlikely, and wrong details in this RT early report.

There is confirmation from scientists that the report of the Russians “shooting” this down are erroneous boasting.


NBC has some more video, and the following video that streamed for me was about 2012 DA14 which flies by later today and has no chance of an impact with our surface or atmosphere. We’ll be talking about the Chelyabinsk meteorite for a long time after today.

Watch this one to the end, it has more sonic booming. It gives a sense of how far that sound wave had to travel to hit at the camera.


RT has photos of smashed windows, and a hole in a brick building.

ADDED: Globe and Pail has details of how many injured, it’s over 500.

“Russia’s space agency Roscosmos said the meteorite was travelling at a speed of 30 kilometres per second and that such events were hard to predict. The Interior Ministry said the meteorite explosion had cased a sonic boom.

Russia’s Emergencies Ministry said 514 people had sought medical help, mainly for light injuries caused by flying glass, and that 112 of those were kept in hospital. Search groups were set up to look for the remains of the meteorite.”

FRIDAY Morning CST: Fragments may have fallen into a frozen lake. Fragments of a meteorite were found on a Saskatchewan pond’s icy surface several years ago after video helped lead searchers to the area.

UPDATE: At 10AM CST, the Russians are reporting 985 injuries took place. I feel bad about all of the people who rushed to windows to see the flash of light, and wound up with a face full of exploding glass as the shockwave hit. It would be me too, if I’d been there, and hadn’t had a quick way out onto a balcony. Duck and Cover isn’t drilled into me.

ADDED: Compilation video including some with windows breaking off screen.

ADDED: This is one of the more amazing ones I’ve found:

Annular Solar Eclipse from Regina, Saskatchewan

I showed some of my neighbours the eclipse as I took photos, and here it is for those who missed it, or wanted to see it the easier/safer way (second hand using indirect viewing).
Solar Eclipse from Regina
-The lens flare underneath, on the roof, blows me away.

Solar Eclipse from Regina
-A couple sunspots visible in this one.

Solar Eclipse from Regina
-I think a bird flew into this frame. The lens flare under the sun shows the eclipse more clearly than the direct view.

Solar Eclipse from Regina
-Until a neighbour came with a makeshift filter, this was how I was watching the progression, using a pinhole projector onto a white screen (folded envelope). Total cost $0.

Solar Eclipse from Regina
-I may have been using 3 layers of sunglasses to take this shot. Not the best sort of filter for a digital camera, and I was a little worried about damage to the sensor, but it seems to have worked. The lens flare “bokeh” (as Photojojo calls them) at the bottom gives an excellent view.

Not A Coincidence – Defend the Constitution!

Occupy Regina

It’s not a coincidence that Occupy Regina is being threatened with an illegal dispersal notice from Regina Mayor Pat Fiacco. The Mayor has no legal authority to tell peaceful protesters they must leave public property, and his bylaw that prohibits camping in city parks is not lawful in this circumstance. Regina Police ought to tell the Mayor to stick his eviction, and continue to enforce the Constitution. The protesters may be camping during their protest, but they are not there without a political purpose, and the government cannot create laws that remove Charter Rights. The people have not voted to change the Constitution, and the people are in charge, not Mayor Fiacco.

2. Everyone has the following fundamental freedoms:
(c) freedom of peaceful assembly

…unless a mayor says otherwise, or if there are tents present???

Municipalities across the US have already recognized this fact in US law, and it’s time Regina’s City Council back the protesters’ Canadian constitutional rights! Instead we have councillors talking shit, and bylaw enforcement officers telling people how to take one in an outhouse. The intent of the Constitution is not for it to be in effect only during the hours of 6am to 11pm (when public parks are ‘open’ in Regina).

I’m frankly disgusted by the mostly ignorant comments online around #OccupyRegina showing a complete lack of respect or understanding of democracy. Intuitively, people don’t like to participate in charades, and our democracy is becoming a charade. That’s why there are dozens of people in Victoria Park risking arrest to stand up for a better participatory and representative democratic system. And our conservative-trained friends figure it’s more important to stick to the bogus idea that protesters are lay-abouts, than to recognize they are this generation’s last line of defence against further government corruption and supremacy over the people.

JesseRobson Jesse D. C. Robson:
@saskboy I am not rich. I work everyday. I walk past the occupy camp. I have a conscience, but I don’t hate everything about capitalism.

I don’t hate capitalism either. I don’t like the current form of it though, and there are ways to fix our economy so people stop freezing to death in dumpsters.

When you have no right to assemble in public, peacefully, to protest political injustice and inequity, you have no more defence against the sort of terrible things that unchecked governments always end up doing. You think it can’t happen in Canada? Your thinking is mistaken. Don’t wait to find out I’m right. Stand with me, and stand with Occupy Regina. Defend the Constitution!