Mosaic 2012 #WHYQR

I had an excellent evening out in Regina with my wife, family, and friends. I met some Ward 1 residents too along the way, including Joe and his wife. Joe’s writing a book about Regina, and it may be available by the end of this year. He also had very interesting comments about municipal politics here, including an idea (not acted on 30 years ago) to do away with the Ward numbers, and focus on geographical names with more meaning instead. Hillsdale, Douglas Park, and Whitmore Park would have meaning to more local people than “Ward 1”. I would have talked longer, but had other pavilions to get to, and the six year old we were babysitting didn’t want to wait to see more. I just realized, looking at Joe’s business card, that I saw his car on the way into the Irish pavilion, because I noticed the Rider plate with his name and mistakenly thought it was a phonetic attempt to match a radio station name.

At the Greek pavilion I also got to talk with education-Tweeter-extraordinaire Alec, who may be pitching an idea I gave him, on the radio next week.

So far I’ve been to Hellenic (Greece), Kyiv (Ukraine; try the borscht), Irish, Scottish, Korean (lit my mouth on fire with some kim-chi), Philippines, and Hungary. I’d like to catch them all, but won’t have time, so the short list for Saturday is Chile, Caribbean, Francophone, and First Nations. Hopefully I squeak in a few more than that.

I heard that people were evacuated from the German Club around 9:30pm due to some electrical problem that was soon resolved. The party ended up in the street, and in the tent instead.

At Hungary, I got to talk with Ralph Goodale a little bit as crowd control kicked in to hold up the line we were waiting in. He congratulated me on entering municipal politics, and gave me some pointers. Which reminds me, Joe spoke highly of Mayor Nenshi’s social media campaign, and recommended I follow it. I explained that as a blogger, I have years of “dirt” people can readily dig up and take out of context, at the push of a button, so not all of Nenshi’s methods of message control are open to me. Although, he’s certainly a legend in municipal politics and social media circles. I sure hope I have a shred of his social-savvy.


That Annoying Twitter Access

I’ve seldom seen a journalist whine so much about politicians who are too accessible to the public. Look no further, you can find them in the Calgary Herald. Mayor Nenshi has even replied to a tweet from me, and I don’t even live in Calgary, so obviously he must be wasting time. Right, right? Ugh.

Heralds were originally messengers of kings. Now that kings can tweet directly/instantly to their followers, there is less of a role (or a different one) for Calgary Heralds to play.

ABMarkTaylor Mark Taylor
So @nenshi goes around media to reach taxpayers & media loses its narrative. Yep, they aren’t happy about it either.

Klassen, instead of explaining her new role as BS filter and tweet analyzer, takes it upon herself to chide people for participating directly in democracy in any way above voting every 3 years. The BS filter turned into the BS distributor, instead. This only further buries the obsolete Herald as they bemoan the glory days when they could control what the public heard kings say.


Using Twitter today, I also had a direct democracy disagreement with a Sask Party supporter who does not understand how Occupy Wall Street is a pro-democracy movement, how it relates to the Arab Spring, or what the point of it even is. Despite denying knowing what the movement is for, he’s certain it’s not pro-democracy. Then he says that because the protesters don’t face a grave threat to their life, they are not standing up to tyranny.

Blaise Boehmer

@saskboy well, in Egypt they are protesting the very real threat of tyranny. OWS: not sure what they’re about.

Oh really? Even if you ignore the US Davis pepper spraying of peacefully sitting protesters, or the G20 sitting protesters who were rushed by violent police in Toronto, while the protesters sang O Canada, can you really say they don’t put a lot on the line by participating in political protests when many of their neighbours are wilfully blind to the reasons for democratic protest?

Do we honour veterans less for serving their country if they never saw combat? It’s not the violence we are supposed to admire, it’s their resolve to deliver a better, fairer, freer world to people they don’t even know. You can’t say OWS isn’t in the same cateogry, especially while you deny that you know what category OWS falls under.