Not A Lot

Not much to say tonight, except it was a busy and fulfilling weekend, with lots of community gathering, and plenty of optimism for the Spring, gardens, cycling, busing, and all sorts of improvements ahead.

How very much I look forward to being able to catch buses more easily on Sundays, or just skip them by being able to comfortably cycle to my destinations instead. Spring can’t come soon enough, but I’ll wait; The downside to wishing for time to fly by, is lamenting later on that the years passed by too quickly.

One Piece At a Time

… and it didn’t cost me a dime. – Johnny Cash

I went to the latest Design Regina public forum Tuesday night, at Artesian on 13th Ave. That building is quite impressive inside, including a clever use of bathroom space downstairs. Check it out sometime.

Anyway, at the meeting the city gave its perspective on what was discussed at the consultations, and the crowd was mostly accepting, with some of us wondering what happened to the education component provided by the Real Renewal Citizens’ Circle, and the urban agriculture. There were lots of public comments on recycling, and pedestrian and cycling safety as well. I pointed out after the meeting that the city has bylaws that hamper urban ag., including the livestock bylaw (no chickens allowed, while NYC can have them!), and the tendency of the City to let snobby neighbours determine that no one can grow food in their front yard, and must spray commercial chemicals to control “weeds” like dandelions.

As I left the meeting, feeling good about how the night was going, and eager to bike home to talk more with Mr. LaRue of RoboCon investigatory fame, I checked to see if I could throw my bike onto a bus. Then glancing down at my bike locked to a stop sign, I noticed it had no seat. I’d not taken my seat with me, so this was quite an unwelcome surprise. Two years ago, someone quick-released my front wheel, and now my original seat will also need replacing. Thieves are getting my bike one piece at a time. It will no doubt cost me about 250 dimes. I roamed the neighbourhood in search of some hooligan carrying only a bike seat, but saw no one fitting that description, so I caught the #4, and went home.


Musical interlude: Translate Canadian to American.


I’m feeling better about how things will work out in Canadian politics after the Council of Canadians finally filed in court for byelections to be called. And LaRue’s comment here helped a great deal too:


Suddenly feeling much better about things. Political things.

If one honest man with the most known knowledge of RoboCon, is feeling good about how the truth will come out, then I’m hoping the guilty find it a little harder to sleep. They deserve less sleep than LaRue’s been getting while fighting serious illness and massive government corruption.

Other people with more pieces of the RoboCon puzzle who’ve been reporting their brains out the last month include these bloggers and journalists you simply must follow:

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** This list can and must grow, please send your blog address in the comments if you’re a RoboCon blogger (or read one not listed) too.

*** Bonus points if you can find a Conservative blogger calling for justice regarding RoboCon, without them also suggesting it was people/party for who there is no evidence to support an accusation, let alone a suspicion.



Tuesday night I also got some underwhelming photos of northern lights.


Pizza May Contain Veggies, Boards Contain Nuts

Once upon a time, Saskboy made a pizza. It was not according to the design of the requester, instead it had nutritious onions on it. Saskboy got the cold shoulder when he delivered it.

This short story was brought to you by the makers of pizza. It’s a vegetable on its own?

I hope you take a “fresh look at processed foods”. There are certain foods that should only be purchased if grown organically. Sadly, apples, celery, and peaches are on that list.

I highly recommend this entertaining and appalling report on Food Safety News, which comes complete with photos of a giant can of Goldfish crackers dangling from the trade show ceiling and a Coca-Cola booth bearing the slogan “Promoting the Registered Dietician.” Panels included — I kid you not — one called “A Fresh Look at Processed Foods.”

Help me in the War on Vegetables.

As someone who works for a small co-op, it’s frustrating to no end that large corporations that actively work against our mission statement could easily buy our complicity in this dysfunctional economic system. Why must community minded co-ops be cash starved whenever they are not assisted by generous donations from other co-ops and credit unions, but the largest corporations who are actively poisoning us and destroying our political system never run out of government subsidy?



Community gardens are an important part of municipalities where the majority of people have lost cultural knowledge of how to grow and prepare food. They are dirt schools, and everyone should attend one to make ourselves more capable, independent, and giving human beings.