CBC Wrecks Another Debate #elxn42

I’ve long called for More Debates, Not Fewer Debaters, and CBC again disappoints.

My Feb. prediction, sadly is coming true.

The unethical fools at the Broadcast Consortium will probably gladly keep Elizabeth May away from the debates this year too.



Green Party of Sask AGM ; Hot Wind

I helped out at the Green Party of Saskatchewan’s AGM this year. It’s the first Green anything AGM I’ve been to. I’ve previously been to a Sask Liberal leadership convention as a member a decade ago, and the NDP convention last year as (a blogger) media. The results of the executive elections are available, and there’s a TV clip from local CTV News.


The anti-wind power crowd will be all over this story, purposefully (or accidentally) misrepresenting it as saying that wind turbines “cause” global warming. In fact, if you read it to the end, you’ll see the warming on the ground is localized. Needs more study, but it’s pretty unlikely that it contributes in the same significant way as coal fired electricity that wind is replacing.

VikiLeaks30: A Little Deserved Contempt

I enjoyed all three of the videos that play in succession on this CTV page. Kady live blogging in the background is amusing. I supposed most people get funny facial expressions while they are writing, I can only imagine mine while I’m blogging. Her crack up at the revelation of the VikiLeaks password (StrongStableConservativeMajorityGovernment) was funny. (It seems every major paper ends up being involved in a scandal where a ‘leaks password is revealed.)

I’m pleased that #vikileaks Adam Carroll was trending ahead of Dean Del Mastro. Carroll is a Canadian hero so far as I’m concerned. It takes courage to stand up (even anonymously when the threat of detection is real {and realized in Carroll’s case}) to a malicious Minister of a government that labels dissenting Canadians “child pornographers”, “adversaries”, and “enemies of the state”. Even with the truth as a defence, there’s still the risk of a cash flush political party using some of its lawyers to SLAPP those it doesn’t like.

– A little toe tapping music to go while you read. I was listening while writing.

CTV’s Mercedes [and CBC Kady] confirmed that Carroll had been called before the wrong committee by the Conservatives.

Carroll also said he was not obligated to appear before the committee, and was only there because of his respect for Parliament and his wish to put the matter to rest.

So he’s not so contemptuous of Parliament after all. He does have some valid contempt for the Conservatives, however.

NDP MP Charlie Angus called Mr. Del Mastro’s accusations “conspiracy theories” and asked Mr. Carroll if he had any idea why the committee would be investigating Mr. Toews’s messy divorce.

“I have also been wondering that same question for myself,” the former Liberal staffer replied. “This is a sideshow, this is a distraction. The circumstances and events came out right when their robo-call scandal was beginning to break and this seemed like a very convenient way to turn the channel.”

And with that point in mind, my next article pertains to RoboCon.

Hat tip to Boris
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