In and Out of Debates

The latest In and Out scandal is brought to you by the CBC, CTV, Global, and TVA, also known as the Broadcast Consortium. They let Elizabeth May of the Green Party of Canada participate in the televised leaders debate in 2008, after initially not letting her in. Now they’ve excluded her again. It’s the Out and In and Out scandal that has swept “coalition” out of the top spot of the election buzz.

The media coalition, I mean consortium, is a toxic body of a few supposed journalists (or really the wranglers of real journalists) who have again made a cynical and grievous mistake that can only be called anti-democratic. The free press, or fourth estate, is entrusted with informing citizens with facts, so that citizens can make sound choices when choosing their leaders during an election. The free press has failed us. Our democracy is thus eroding.

It’s gotten so bad that the leading party is removed from government for CONTEMPT of Parliament, and their support isn’t justifiably decimated. A rational person can conclude that the facts surrounding the circumstances of the Conservatives defeat in Parliament, haven’t reached the ears of the majority of Canadians, and/or that most Canadian voters are now incapable of identifying important factors in keeping Canada a democratic nation. Not voting for criminals and liars seems like a good place to draw the line? The governing party not being able to lie and hide billions of dollars of expenditures, would also be a good place to start! And not stealing from taxpayers during an election is another fine issue to punish politicians on too.

In closing, I want more debates, not fewer debaters. I support Steve’s idea for new and more varied formats of debate, even one on one debates, so long as all leaders of all registered parties are entitled to participate. Their past performance may not indicate their future performance, just like mutual funds, so let’s stop basing everything on brand name, and get back to democracy and ideas. I’m calling the idea Canadian Idol, except this version would matter.

Fox News Wrong on Coalition and Canada

Oh Fox News, you’re so crazy funny. “Canada’s coalition minority government led by Prime Minister Stephen Harper[…]”? You couldn’t be more wrong, in a more ironically funny way. Looking to American cable news for information is like looking to the Colbert Report for fairness and balance.

By the way, Harper may order the RCMP to pour hot maple syrup on people, so watch out.

Enjoy Canada Without Understanding It

As Rick says, you can enjoy something without knowing how it works. But then you don’t know if you’re being duped, do you?

He goes over why a coalition government would be okay for Canada, and it’s not something that has to go through an election to be legitimate, if people educated themselves a little bit.

Conservatives Feeling Green Heat in SGI

Stephen Harper announced $155M worth of vote buying in the SGI riding that Elizabeth May is contesting in the next election.

Despite his claims that he doesn’t want a spring election, Stephen Harper made a campaign-style spending announcement in Elizabeth May’s riding of Saanich–Gulf Islands yesterday morning.

With Conservative incumbent Gary Lunn in tow, Harper announced $155 million worth of funding for a new helicopter base in the riding.

He’s clearly pulling out all the stops to keep Elizabeth May from becoming Canada’s first Green MP.

Why? Because she’ll be such a powerful advocate for all Canadians–not just for the environment, but on a broad range of economic and social issues.

I need your help to make sure she gets elected, despite Harper’s vote-buying tactics.

Obviously the Green Party doesn’t have $155 million to spend. Fortunately our positive message of hope is much easier to sell.

Your gift of $155, or whatever you can afford, will allow us to reach out to voters who are tired of being bribed with their own tax dollars. Voters who are fed up with the cynical opportunism of politics-as-usual. Voters who are ready for a change.

Polls show that she’s neck-and-neck with Lunn. It’s going to come down to the wire. Your donation could be the deciding factor.

Together, we can elect Elizabeth May and really change the climate in parliament.

Thank you so much for your support.

Johan Hamels
Executive Director

If she’s really in line with Lunn in the polls, where does that leave the Liberals and NDP? If the three parties would simply hammer out an agreement so May can be elected in that riding instead of Lunn, then the Greens could/should assist elsewhere to elect NDP and Liberals in return. After all, the NDP and Greens both claim to want proportional representation, and it’s clear that they won’t get proportional representation so long as the parties work against that very objective by splitting votes in ridings winnable by left wing and centrist candidates.