Evil Men Destroying Our World Have Names

“What is happening here is a crime” – Brazillian fascist President accusing environmentalists of what he’s done.

“I am not looking for who is responsible.”

Remember to think well of the dead, even if they wished you and yours death with every dollar they spent.

PRISM: Top Secret BS

The latest leak from Snowden reveals the shocking aim of Canada’s signals intelligence. Now that the global ware on terrorism is apparently won, the prodigious number of analysts apparently are tasked with corporate espionage for the benefit of Enbridge. That’s a heck of a big, Made In Canada problem the Harper Conservatives had better solve right away.

Glenn Greenwald, the American journalist who aided in publishing reports that allege Canada spied on Brazil’s Energy and Mines Ministry, testified in front of a Senate committee in that country on Wednesday.

The columnist with the Guardian newspaper was asked by the congressional committee about what role Canada played in obtaining information.

“They wanted to know specifically what information Canada collected about the ministry, what the objective of the spying was specifically, what exactly the methods that were used to collect this information and evade the system,” Greenwald told the CBC’s Susan Ormiston after testifying.

There’s a lot more to come. This is a disaster for the tight lipped, and previously untarnished spy agency few have heard of. If they were doing what is claimed, and I have no reason to doubt Greenwald’s reporting of Snowden’s earlier corroborated information, then they brought this on themselves by exceeding their earlier mission which wouldn’t have included this sort of collaboration with a Canadian oil company for financial gain.

Chemical Agents Of The State

Canadians first somewhat accepted RCMP officers dousing peaceful protesters (and the media) with pepper spray, back in the 90s, during the OPEC summit in B.C. It’s regressed to the point where Officer Bubble cries about the possibility of getting soap in his eyes, while his even less scrupulous brothers in arms will charge into a crowd while swinging clubs. Officer Pike at UC Davis strolls along a line of seated protesters, and blasts them in the face with orange, burning spray. NYPD kettle women in Summer dresses, and blast them in the face with chemical agents. Oakland PD fire a canister into the head of a protester and attempt to prevent medical assistance. Brazilian armed thugs attack a woman with chemicals, as she stands alone on a public street. Turkish thugs blast a woman in a red dress with chemicals from an assault spray-gun.

Why are we letting our police forces around the world act as corporate military squads, and thugs?