A Look Back At Moose Jaw High Street

This mural was destroyed by a fire.

 Moose Jaw


Election Poetry

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#elxn42 ends.
Cons covering their faces,
in shame,
After suggesting
no Canadian could do so,
with pride,
to become one of us.

Canadian Words, eh?

I went down to Timmies to pick up a Double double for my coworker who is on the Pogey so they couldn’t afford it. While I was there I bought some All-dressed chips because my friend dumped my last bag into the Chesterfield after almost spilling their pop. The rain last night was a real soaker, which was too bad because farmers just got dinged by the latest change in programs. The Conservatives should really be turfed out of Ottawa, and it’ll happen if the other parties give’r. Anyway, I was pulling into the parkade at work, but some hoser took my spot. I guess my coworker isn’t going to get his Double double on time. Fortunately I had my bunnyhug on because that cold wind doesn’t feel like a chinook.

The Club: Music

I went to a show tonight with Jesse, after buying a monthly membership at CrashBang Labs (which is in the same building as The Club at The Exchange on 8th Ave.

Zachary Lucky

You can listen to Zachary Lucky online or in Saskatoon very soon.

Dan Geortz was also good. His song about being sold to the circus he footnoted as fiction, especially since his dad was in the audience.

In CrashBang Labs, I watched an iPod get LASER etched. A 40W laser apparently, but it doesn’t work at quite its full capacity, especially at a high moving head speed.

iPod after laser etching