Media All Worked Up Over Resume: Issues Backburnered

The media just can’t stop itself from publishing the dirt they see all over an NDP MP in Quebec who happens to be an attractive, young, single mother and barkeeper before she was cast onto the national stage due to a pre-booked Vegas vacation and then the Orange Crush election event. If the media is onto a scandal, what does it prove except what every cynical Canadian already suspects: that their MPs are liars and worse than liars? In other words, it costs nobody anything if this is true, except the reputation of a young MP.

To those concerned about one NDP MP being caught with either a mistake or a lie on her (auto)biography CV, please read this: A likely 25-42% of government applicants will lie on their resume, meaning of 308 MPs, one is an unlikely number (seventy seven, is more plausible). Who else will be caught? Who cares? It’s a drop in the unethical ocean of parliament!

How Not to Lie on Your Resume: Don’t write one, and especially don’t let a political staffer write your bio for you.

I’m much more interested in how the media has such very poor perspective, because that’s a really hot story that won’t make it to print. It’s obscene to put more energy into burying a backbench MP who has never even voted on a bill, while the newspapers and TV reporters, and radio talking heads let important issues like Contempt leave the front burner. Do we have an accurate price estimate for the ENGINELESS F-35 jets that the US government is balking over buying due to obscene cost overruns? No, and we won’t get one either because our government was just re-elected after contemptuously violating the rules of Parliament in hiding the true costs from us and journalists alike. Well, I guess following the money doesn’t sell newspapers or ad space, so who gives a fig, right? It’s only tax dollars going to weapons companies.

ADDED: Macleans wonders what is worse: Placeholder MPs, or Placeholder candidates?

Attack Ads Don’t Work Because You’re Smart?

If attack ads don’t work, then why have I heard them repeated to me by ordinary Canadians even though the ads contain fabrications and distortions that a child should be able to see through when it is explained to them?

Why is the “coalition” a “threat” or a “coup”? Why is Ignatieff not “coming back for you”? Why are the Greens a “one issue” party?

Because they’re not! Period. Each of those is an untruth (a lie) paid for sometimes with the help of your tax money (in the form of tax rebates to citizen donors, or 10%ers in the mail), and often as the result of money that should not be allowed to shape political thought in a democracy. And each I’ve heard ordinary Canadians say as if they are facts. When lies are accepted as facts, democracy dies a bit more, and that’s not my claim — it’s backed by history.

There are too many fooled people in Canada, and bad people are poised to reap the rewards of the misinformation they’ve sown into the brains of the unwitting. The question is, are Canadians going to be annoyed enough by the attack parties to do something about it before their freedom of thought is replaced by freepdom of thought?

Canadians stopped allowing cigarette advertising because we admitted it was killing people. The same realization needs to spread about political advertising that contains lies and kills our democracy. When commoners lose their ability to peacefully influence the political system in Canada, we know that people will die (rebellions and revolutions are never without casualties, and they do happen even in Canada too, sadly).

Mercury Messenger ; Social Guru

Messenger is going to be sending pictures back to earth of the planet Mercury, starting in April of this year! I can hardly wait!

Messenger is just one of the eleven major space missions that are scheduled to make headlines in 2011.


Some Saskatchewan blogs recently appearing on the SaskBlogs Aggregator 2.0:

Good advice if you want to use Twitter as a business.

Another Saskatchewan sports fan with a blog.

I wish more UofR talks were available on the web after they take place! Then people could see me more often, asking questions of the presenters. I missed this lecture, that’s why there wasn’t a live blog for it.

What’s Wrong with News

A news agency covering an ad as if it were news, makes me sad. What’s worse, is the ad has an excellent point, but the news doesn’t have the guts to tell the truth unless they use a cop-out like pretending an ad is news. Why not explain why the ad features oil executives shredding a water report?

The oil industry is too close to the politicians and regulators in government who are supposed to protect the environment and us from destructive businesses that leave a mess and don’t clean up.

Eliminate Bottled Water – but not Pop?

One of the funniest hypocrisies of modern environmental movements has got to include the push to eliminate bottled water. Don’t get me wrong, bottled water has got to be scaled back significantly, but it’s not the real problem around peoples drinking habits. While water should come from a municipal water supply in a city, soft drinks cannot and should not. It would be a little freaky to go up to a fountain and have Gatorade come out of it (unless you’re from 500 years in the future, like in the movie Idiocracy). It’s the soft drink (pop) craze that is fueling drink container and shipping waste – water is simply the new kid on the block that gets picked on.

I don’t think Coke and Pepsi deliberately set up bottled water as the fall-guy, to leave their sugar drink business unscathed. But activists need to push harder for public spaces to have good tasting, municipal water sources, so there is no compelling reason (besides copious advertising) to ever purchase water or sugared water from a vending machine.

There are simply too many health consequences that come from daily consumption of pop for the current trend to continue.

Smoking Some Yogurt?


The Conservatives listen to the people who put them in power: lobbyists. Lobbyists were long regarded as the lifeblood of the eastern Liberal, but have migrated west to the Conservative tailing ponds of Alberta, and the bars of Calgary.

While there is a US crackdown on yogurt labeling because Dannon claimed their yogurt to be more healthy than it really is, there is a “senseless” pullback on harsh cigarette labeling.

Only $4 Million was spent by the Conservative government on new package labels, before they scrapped the plans to further reduce the sexiness of cancer sticks. Look for tougher rules on yogurt labeling instead in the new year.