Plague Convoy Gets Support From Premier and O’Toole

Canada’s capital is occupied by white supremacist, anti-vax protesters who’ve urinated on the National War Memorial, stood on the Unknown Soldier’s tomb, flown Nazi and Confederate flags, and even desecrated a statue of Terry Fox.

Yesterday, the Premier of Saskatchewan released a letter supporting these protesters, and his message went viral on Twitter being ‘liked’ more than 11,000 times by last night.

Dear Premier Moe:
Your letter on January 29th in support of anti-vaccination protesters was a contradiction to your messaging from the past year saying vaccination is our way out of pandemic public health measures.
I have a low opinion of your leadership, but you continually fail to surmount even my low expectations.

You should resign in disgrace, as the organizers of the so-called Freedom convoy included white supremacists, and upon their arrival in Ottawa they attacked front-line workers, defaced monuments to veterans and Canadian heroes, all while protesting the vaccine you once publicly supported.

John Klein
Regina, SK

One response to “Plague Convoy Gets Support From Premier and O’Toole

  1. Musk was born in apartheid-era South Africa on the other side of local privilege from, say, Trevor Noah. I tend to not be surprised by his conduct in this matter of the anti-freedom convoy.

    As for Kenney and Moe? I’m annoyed and unsurprised by their behaviour too.

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